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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Spoiler Policy For Shows That Stream Shortly Before Airing


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For streaming-only shows, the policy is no need for spoiler tags once the episode/season has dropped, and for airing-only shows, the policy is no need for spoiler tags once the first U.S. airing has concluded (and then there are show-specific policies for syndicated programming that airs at different times in different markets).  But what about shows that air on a network at a set time, but are also made available on an affiliated streaming service at 12:01 that same morning?

For example, there are shows that air on one of the Discovery networks -- e.g. Food Network, Animal Planet -- which are also, episode by episode, made available that same day on the Discovery+ streaming service (as opposed to the Discovery family shows where the episodes aren't available on the streamer until the season has finished on the network, and then the whole thing drops at once).  In those cases, the episode is available just after midnight on D+ and then airs that night on the network.

So is posting about the episode after it's made available for streaming fair game, or do we need to use spoiler tags until after the Eastern time network airing that night has concluded?

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The answer to this differs depending on whether the show has a forum or is a topic.

If a full forum, then clearly if someone hasn't seen the episodes then they should stay out of those episode topics if they don't want to be spoiled, aka no tags needed.

However, if it's a show topic only, then it seems to me that the fairest thing would be to use spoiler tags in that case. If you're unsure, you may PM the moderator for that show (if you know who it is) and ask them what the spoiler policy is. If you're unaware of who the moderator is, you can PM me and I'll find out for you.

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Single thread.  It's a moot point now, as the show is over, but it was for Beachside Brawl, which seems like a one-off.

But the same issue arises with Tournament of Champions, which will have another season.  The show airs Sundays in prime time on Food Network, but is available for streaming starting early that morning on Discovery+.  So when those of us who watched on D+ posted about it before the FN airing, we used spoiler tags out of an abundance of caution, but it would be nice if we didn't have to, if there was a pinned note that the show drops on D+ Sunday mornings, so if you're not watching until the FN airing, enter the thread at your own risk in those hours between.  I'll check if it's noted in the thread who moderates it and ask (and if it's not I'll PM you to find out -- no hurry since it's not airing right now).

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