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I just signed up for History Hit- a streaming  app for what this History Channel used to be. 

Has anyone else signed up and started watching? I’m looking forward to Africa Written Out of History and Digging Up the Dark Ages .

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I've subscribed to History Hit, but TBH haven't watched much. It's not because of their content, it's that I've over-subscribed to streaming services. Eek. But to give the History Channel credit, they are premiering a documentary tomorrow, After Jackie:


After Jackie celebrates the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s integration into Major League Baseball. Robinson opened the door for other African Americans to join the league and this documentary taps into key people and events in the aftermath.

And thanks for creating this topic - which has nudged me to explore the available History Hit programming!

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I’m finally getting started watching, Medieval Pleasures (Part 1: Sex)- with Dr Eleanor Janega, I don’t recognize her face but her voice is SO familiar that I’m sure I’ve listened to her documentaries before. I am heading to Google. 

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I am watching another series with Dr Jenna “Going Medieval”. 

I like the programs here, but I feel like I can get similar ones on YouTube for free. (And these likely eventually) Not sure if I will keep it after my free trial. 

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Coming back to add, that I did cancel my trial. (It wasn’t free, it was 3 months reduced cost)

Some of the programs were great, but I saw they were putting up a lot of their stuff on their YouTube channel, and their podcasts are free. So I didn’t think the cost was justifiable. 

I watched the one on Hatshepsut (I read a biography on her several years ago). I do want to watch one about Joseph Banks, a pioneer of British Botany.

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