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S03.E03: The Farmer


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One of my favourite episodes. Loved the intensity and the acting was really good from everyone. The tense confrontation between Duke and Audrey in the woods and later at the bar was really some of the best stuff on this show.

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I know that Audrey says she doesn't think of using Duke until she sees the collage of baby pics, but it really seems like bringing him along to find the Troubled guy had one intent from the beginning.

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Fittingly, I upped my cardio while watching this episode tonight and consequently felt like I was going to hack up my own lungs.


I love this one. It has so many elements that I just adore. I spent a long time wishing for an episode where one person's Trouble causes a cascade effect that triggers multiple other Troubled people, and while this is not a direction I would have thought to take that idea in it's excellently done. I also love when this show does those episodes where you can see where it's going and you're frantically looking for a way out but the terrible inevitable conclusion just keeps coming closer. Which they do a lot, and I just eat it up every time. I also have to give this show props for the most interesting use of the "fertility doctor uses his own sperm on patients" trope I've seen so far.


And yes, there's the little matter of me loving to watch Duke suffer. Yeah, that's definitely a factor in liking this one. Eric Balfour has one of the best heartache faces on television toda, and any excuse for him to break it out is a good one in my book.

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My favorite Haven episode ever. Proactive Audrey, angsty Duke, poor Nathan. In my mind, Tommy doesn't die until the end of this ep, so the townie-jokes are real and meaningful.


"They're having a rest stop in the woods. There's no law against that, is there Officer?" <-- favorite line because of the deliver, as in the Mom isn't quite sure if maybe that might actually be a crime

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