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S01.E01: Release the Kraken-Kraken Congee

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I'll start this, this has been my favorite episode so far, because it had the only food I wanted to eat. I like how Tim & Joe say, "this is 3 line cooks trying to start a restaurant" & both of them were clueless when one guy said, "release the kraken," (do they live under a rock?)

Their food looked delicious, they seemed to have a handle on the costs, & they accepted the financing offer at the end, because they wanted to start their business. I'd put my money on line cooks before some of these hobbyists (excuse me, artisan/craftsman/marketing whiz).

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I posted about this episode a while back. What happened to the posts?


That's a good question. This is a low-volume forum but it's getting recapped, so we're not doing an All Episodes thread (I can see a couple of scenarios for lost posts if there were a consolidation, for example). And there would be no other reason to tinker with the Ep. 01 thread.


Since this is a relatively new site, and even old sites have issues now and then, maybe it was accidentally gobbled up during some kind of upgrade or behind-the-scenes tinkering, of which there's been much. Yet this hasn't been an issue in any other forums that I'm aware of.


I can assure you that it wasn't a mod action, but past that, I've got nothing. Sorry. (And here's where I'd insert the frowny face if we had smilies here.)

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