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Rules of Pachinko: Guidelines from the Mods

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Hi everyone, welcome to the Pachinko forum.  The show is based on a book released in 2017- the first 3 episodes will drop at once, followed by weekly episodes. Therefore, there are certain guidelines that should be followed so everyone knows what to expect when reading and posting in the forum.


Please keep discussion in the episode threads to that episode or potentially earlier episodes.  Do not refer to later episodes.

Episode 8 will be a "catch all" thread if you'd like to discuss the season as a whole after a binge.  


Please do not discuss the book in the episode threads.  There is a dedicated book talk thread to discuss the book series as well as to compare the book series and the show. 

There are times where you might like to make a quick book reference in an episode thread (e.g. "this did not happen in the book" or "X, not Y, happened in the book").  These should be spoiler tagged at all times. (Potential exceptions:  Very vague mentions like "this was translated well or I liked this better than in the book but no specifics unless book version and TV version are exactly the same. )

Posts that have large chunks of book talk (more than 2-3 sentences), even spoiler tagged, will be removed, not moved.  If you'd like to make a longer post or engage in a longer comparison involving the book, feel free to indicate your intentions to discuss further in the  Book vs Show: Compare and Contrast the Novel and the Series.

If you have any questions, you can post them here or PM me, the forum mod. 

Now go and try your luck at Pachinko!

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