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Suggestion: spoiler policy for Disney Plus franchise (MCU, Star Wars) shows?


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The default site-wide policy is not to spoil details across shows, but with the MCU building some continuity across its movies and shows, it feels awkward to have to talk around or spoiler tag stuff that happened in a previous show. My suggestion is to broaden spoiler policy for the Disney Plus Marvel shows so that what happened in one show can be talked about in forums for another one.

The same thing also kind of came up with The Book of Boba Fett being a different show from The Mandalorian, but continuity was so tight that in practice I think everyone on the forums had seen all of the Mandalorian and to my recollection there wasn’t much effort to spoiler tag Mando-specific stuff. So same suggestion for Star Wars shows on D+.

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Circling back on this. Shows which share a universe should now have the same spoiler policy enforced between them. However, the specifics of those policies may vary from universe to universe, ex. Marvel vs Walking Dead, depending on what the moderators for each universe deem appropriate. 

TL;DR Please check the spoiler policies per show/universe, which have now been updated to be more user-friendly between in-universe shows.

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