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S02.E11: Business as Usual


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Ah yes, the kissing episode.


I quite liked that the mummified victim was apparently still donning iPod plugs. At least he died listening to music he loved.


Not that my expectation is that high but I'd also like to an answer as to how and when Simon died. If the gravestone says May 1983, he probably did not go visit Real Lucy a few months later. If he'd died when Duke was seven, wouldn't we have known?

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If the gravestone says May 1983, he probably did not go visit Real Lucy a few months later.

That pesky timeline again. It is very possible that the date on the gravestone was just a production error or that his death date was altered for some reason (perhaps by Vince or Lucy) or there's some time warp thing happening in Haven because this is not the only example of dates not adding up or the simplest answer, it wasn't Simon Crocker at all who visited the real Lucy but someone else, because from current information he was already dead when Lucy visited real Lucy.

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"Duke discovers a troubling secret." Leave the puns to the episode title guys, DVD box summary guys.


Ah yes, the kissing episode, also known as the "It's a good thing Nathan doesn't smile like that more often or he'd be mobbed worse than Chris Brody" episode. Also the "Duke and Dwight really should talk more often" episode, the "Nathan chooses a side" episode, and the "What is your deal, every member of the older generation except Lucy Ripley" episode. There is just so damn much going on in this one, as befits what is essentially the first half of a two-part season finale in all but name.


I sort of have a theory about the small box, but it's still percolating. as for the rest of the stuff with Simon, I don't even know. I have some more solid theories about his treatment of Duke, but they're way spoilery at this point. As for his visit to Lucy Ripley (I find myself incapable of typing just her first name), of all the possibilities out there the one I still think is most likely is "someone else claimed to be him for reasons as-yet unknown."

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I've just learned to disregard any information that's shown on screen in a prop or piece of set design unless that same information is given in the script and spoken out loud by the actors because it doesn't seem like they give the prop guys any info whatsoever and the prop guys just throw on random dates that end up not making any sense.


I still never fail to crack up at Audrey's "Nathan, that man is jaywalking!" There's just something about the way she says it. And the joke continues when she has the guy handcuffed and she and Nathan are having their serious discussion nearby, and she pauses to shout at him, "We cross at the corners!"


Just about everything else I have to say involves spoilers for future episodes (seasons 3 and 4), so I think I'll take it to All Seasons, since it encompasses the overall arc instead of just one episode.

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