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From the headlines: From Scratch in the media

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From Scratch is an 8 episode TV Series based on Tembi Locke's autobiographical memoir, with all episodes released on October 21, 2022 on  Netflix .

From Scratch is a sweeping, autobiographical romance that follows an American woman, Amy, as she falls in love with a Sicilian chef, Lino, while studying abroad in Florence Italy, then bridges and merge their two seemingly opposite cultures together to build a life with him in Los Angeles. When Amy unexpectedly loses Lino to cancer, she is challenged to pull herself through grief so she can raise their daughter as they would have raised her together: with hope, joy and infinite love.

Lucia Sardo plays Filomena Ortolano, Lino’s mother. Filomena is deeply bound by Sicily’s Old World culture but is adept at finding clever ways to work around the patriarchal hierarchy of her country and her marriage.

Paride Benassai plays Giacomo Ortolano, Lino’s father. This man with a grade school education devoted his life to garlic and olive farming and provided for his family; he is a proud patriarch who disapproves of his son not taking over the family business.

Roberta Rigano plays, Biagia Ortolano, Lino’s sister. She feels abandoned by Lino but also proud of his accomplishments by leaving home. She is also hurt and angry with herself for all the ways acquiescing to the patriarchal order cost her joy and a different life she could have had.

Eugenio Mastrandrea plays Lino Ortolano, a Sicilian chef who grew up translating literature at night, after spending days picking garlic and olives with his father in the fields of Sicily and learning to cook at his mother’s stove. Lino broke 100 years of tradition by leaving the fields of Sicily to become a chef. It’s through the love of his wife that he’s able to fulfill his dream of dreams before the end of his life.


Zoe Saldana as Amahle "Amy" Wheeler, artist and Lino's wife.

Zoey Castro as Idalia (4 years old), Amy and Lino's child

Isla Colbert as Idalia (7 years old), Amy and Lino's child

Kellita Smith plays Lynn Wheeler, Amy’s bitingly funny mother full of judgment about almost every aspect of her daughter’s life. Lynn gave Hershel custody of the girls after they divorced and has spent the last decade feeling guilty and regretting this decision.

Keith David plays Hershel Wheeler, former civil rights activist, and Amy’s father. Hershel is a plainspoken man who lets his kids make their own decisions but doesn’t bullshit them if he thinks they’re about to make a mistake. He raised two headstrong young women. Though happily remarried, his divorce from Amy’s mom is a wound he still carries.

Judith Scott plays Maxine Wheeler, Herschel’s wife, and Amy’s stepmother. Maxine practically raised Amy and Zora during their teen years, and her commitment to them is unwavering.

Danielle Deadwyler plays Zora Wheeler, Amy’s older sister and best friend. Although she sometimes resents her baby sister for getting their parents to go along with her rule-breaking she also lovingly cheers her on. With wry humor, she is Amy’s fiercest ally in the family.

Terrell Carter plays Ken, Zora’s boyfriend and former NFL player who runs the athletics department at the private school where Zora teaches. Although he’s “apolitical” (blasphemy in the politically active Wheeler family), Ken more than makes up for it with his big heart. 

Medalion Rahimi plays Laila, a talented artist who meets Amy (Saldana) via the art community.

Elizabeth Anweis plays Chloe Lim, the accomplished owner of a Los Angeles art gallery who becomes Amy’s manager.

Jonathan Del Arco plays David, a warm and friendly art professor, who is also Amy and Lino’s landlord. 

Rodney Gardiner plays Preston, a buttoned-up banker, who, along with his partner, David, owns the bungalow that Amy and Lino rent behind in Hollywood.

Kassandra Clementi plays Caroline, a sweet Southern belle, and one of Amy’s new roommates in Florence.

Lorenzo Pozzan plays Filippo, one of Lino’s coworkers at Vigna Vecchia in Florence, and one of the regulars at the No Entry Nightclub. 

Peter Mendoza plays Andreas, Lino’s co-worker, who looks after the newcomer, and is happy to welcome him to the neighborhood sports bar where their fellow immigrants hang out.

Jonathan D. King plays Silvio, hailing from the same part of Italy as Lino, the two form an instant bond, chatting enthusiastically in their native Italian.

Giacomo Gianniotti plays Giancarlo, a sophisticated Italian man who catches Amy’s eye with ease, Giancarlo sets out to seduce her, using Florence as his unwitting accomplice. 

Saad Siddiqui plays Dr. Atluri, a kind and skilled doctor who shares the life-changing news with Amy and Lino. 

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