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Bo Burnham: Inside (2021)

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This came out on Netflix a couple of months ago, but was showing in theaters in my area on a single night last week.  The pandemic has been a complete disaster, obviously, but one thing it has given us is Bo Burnham: Inside.  I can't get over the creativity and genius crammed into 90 minutes. 

Here's a good synopsis from the review in Slate


The main thing you need to know about Bo Burnham’s terrific new special, Inside, which hit Netflix on Sunday, is that it was almost entirely filmed inside that guesthouse. Burnham wrote, directed, shot, and edited the special himself while quarantined during the pandemic, and it simultaneously functions as a comedy special, a coronavirus diary, an attempt to channel Vegas-era Howard Hughes, and a smart and moving exploration of depression, apocalypticism, self-hatred, and, of course, internet culture. That sounds like a hell of a thing to put an audience through, and Burnham is more uneasy about the transaction than ever, oscillating wildly between a need for attention and sheer contempt for anyone who gives it to him.

Strangely enough, I think it played very well on a big movie screen.  And one thing about seeing it in a theater instead of on Netflix--they know I was there just for that, and probably paying full attention, as opposed to watching it via Netflix, where they have no idea whether I'm actually paying attention or not.  Or so I like to tell myself but really, who am I kidding?  They know.

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