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If Red is Katarina what does Anne know that we do not?

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In the final episode it is alluded that katarina underwent major surgery to become Red. So Red all along says he was not her father and he never lied to her because Red is her mother. The final collage of Katarina being with Masha in the past and Elizabeth being with Red in the future sort seems to make Elizabeth understand in her last few dying moments. When Elizabeth asks Red was he holding the camera, he says No, but he was there, meaning he was Katarina

if this is all true, then the fling that Red had with Anne would also suggest that the operation was very very successful or that Anne is withholding some very personal features of Red. Your opinion?

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I know this isn't the reply you're looking for, but I still can't wrap my head around a show like this (non-sci-fi) that is alluding that James Spader's character is really a woman who went through a sex-change....  heck that's easy.....  an entire body-change of that magnitutde!

At first I thought you guys were nuts who were posting about Red being Katarina.  But I totally see the indications that all of you have mentioned, and yes, especially at the end of the last episode, they're definitely conveying that....  but geesh.... this is THE LAMEST way for a show to try and back-pedal its way to tying up the loose ends that it's early seasons started!    This isn't even pulling a "LOST".... it's pulling a Redington!!! (LOL-ing, but only a little). 

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well red could have told Ann he had an accident in the past and it damaged things.

We never had any scene that directly alluded to Red and "little red" and before Anne, i mostly assumed he was Assexual. But i can imagine him being a good/attentive lover without actially having all the normal bits.

I actually love the conclusion that Red was her mother, and now it no longer matters to anyone. it explains everything (ignoring the medical side of it)


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