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Big, Fat, Fabulous Mod Note, With Extra Sauce

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This show is about an "big, fat, fabulous" woman's lifestyle, so there will be discussion about her and how she portrays herself on-screen and in other media.  Some of this discussion will be positive and some negative.  That is okay.  This is neither a fan site nor a hate site.  We allow all opinions on Whitney and anyone else on the show.

A couple key rules:

  • While Whitney and her clan are open for your comments, do not extend those comments to others who share common characteristics.  For example, all overweight persons, all persons who live where she does, or any other group represented on the show.  Whitney only represents Whitney.
  • To that end, this is not a fat-bashing site.  If you want to rail against all fat people, there are plenty of places on the internet to do that.  This isn't one of them.  We are talking about specific individuals on a TV show.
  • No snarking on other posters.  The primary directive at Primetimer is Be Civil.  If you disagree, do so with civility and politeness.  If you've made your point, move on.  No one wins an argument on the internet. 
  • No snarking on fans whether they are on this site or other sites.  People who post here may be within those groups; therefore consider this an extension of the Be Civil policy. 
  • Episodes happen in episode time only.  Do not post spoilers or information from future social media in episode threads. 
  • As always, the Site Politics rule is in place.  No personal politics in the threads. 
  • If you see a post that you think is problematic, report it.  Do not engage.  No need to fuel the fire and you are likely to run afoul of the Be Civil mandate.
  • Off topic chat?  Take it to Small Talk, where all of your off topic dreams come true! 

Those are the basics.  So whether you're big, fat, small, slender, thick, thin, short, tall, or anything else, let's be fabulous!  

Questions?  PM @PrincessPurrsALot.  We do not discuss moderator actions in the forums.

After all, if you act out, we'll have you spend some quality time exercising with Whitney.

Perhaps you could join her in a canoe.


Or hold her heavy bag.


Regardless, let's remember to shake it, don't break it!








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Update:  Primetimer does not support body shaming.  Some examples to help: 


  • Commenting on whether someone has gained or lost weight
  • Saying whether clothing choices are flattering or fit well; e.g., that shirt does not look good on her; those leggings look too tight  
  • Mentioning anything to do with styling; for example, hair style, hair color, makeup, etc.

Not allowed:

  • Comparing people to animals when discussing bodies; e.g., pig, hippo, etc.
  • Using phrases that are often used to attack people for body size; e.g., fat pig, waddling, anorexic, skinny, "eat a sandwich", skeletal 
  • Assigning negative characteristics or morality to a person based on their body or size alone 
  • Stating that only chubby chasers or feeders would be interested in a large person 
  • Suggesting that large people should get weight loss surgery or should be on My 600 Lb. Life 

The above are offered as examples.  This is not an all encompassing list.  

Whitney self describes as fat.  That is not an issue.  Making comments that are solely focused on calling her fat or ascribing all negative feelings about her to her size and thereby implying that those negative attributes apply to all large people is not okay. 

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