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Rueful & Euphoric Quotes

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Rue: You know what, Rick? Why don't you go fuck yourself?
Leslie: How dare you speak to someone like that?
Rue: Who, Rick?
Leslie: Don't be a smartass. Apologize right now.
Rue VO: In retrospect, I was a little cunty. But Rick does suck and I was angry for a lot of reasons.
Rue: Rick, I sincerely apologize for telling you to go fuck yourself. What I really meant to say is that my mom can do better and I hate seeing you sit in my the chair my dad sat at.

Rue: So you know how in every 90s thriller, Morgan Freeman plays the same semi-psychic black cop? I know that's kind of racist but the point is in every movie, he's always calmly putting the fucking pieces of the case together while everybody else around him is fucking freaking out, saying, "You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, Morgan. You're a fucking bad husband. You should fucking retire." But no. Morgan is fucking hyper focused because he can see beyond the little details. He's looking for the big fucking picture. Because all of this shit is connected, Fez, and it is way bigger than any of us can even fucking see. The point is that's me. Right now that is fucking me. I can see everything so fucking clearly. I know what happened, I know why it happened, and I know what the fuck I'm going to do about it.
Fez: Word.

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Jules: The fact that you usually dress like Seth Rogen, although you make it look cute sometimes, like it crushes my soul.
Rue: I don't dress like Seth Rogen.
Jules: When was the last time you didn't wear a hoodie and sweatpants?

Cassie: What if these are like the big moments in life? Like my mom always talks about how high school was like this big, monumental part of her life, but I cannot imagine being 40 and looking back at this like, "Wow."
Maddy: Yeah, but that's because most people peak in high school.
Kat: I definitely haven't peaked.
Lexi: I feel like I'm not even a person yet.
Cassie: Yeah, I'm definitely at like 25 percent peakness.
Jules: I feel like I'm at 100, but I can definitely get to 150.

Jules: [Rue]'s been sober for like three months.
Maddy: Weren't you in rehab like six months ago?

Maddy: First of all, ew. Second of all, ew.

Nate: Maybe the reason I can't keep my dick hard is because everyone at school is spreading these fucking rumors about me.
Maddy: They're not rumors. They're facts. You literally had like 40 different guys' dicks in your phone.
Nate: I told you not to fucking tell anyone.
Maddy: Yeah, well, I told people before you told me not to tell anyone.
Nate: Yeah, but you told them out of fucking context.
Maddy: Really? What is the context?

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