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[NOT A BUG] Text I didn't write added to my post without attribution?


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When reviewing notifications, I was confused to find that the second paragraph in a post I had made was something I had not written. There is no indication that the post was edited by me or anyone else.

Post is here:

This is what I wrote:


And they seemed to try to convey that it was unusual by having QEII chatter about how she liked to guess who will be in the cabinet and seem surprised when Mrs Thatcher announced that she has not chosen any women, but then apparently her guesses were almost all spot on so she must not have had any women predicted on her list (or at least Margaret Thatcher didn't tell Denis that she made mistakes by guessing women who weren't there). It would have made more sense to have the Queen guess some potential female ministers and be wrong.

This is the second paragraph that some unattributed other person wrote:


Maybe it was the synchro, but I understood it that the Queen didn't have any females on the list from the get go, because she rightly assumed that Thatcher wouldn't consider any of them experienced enough. What surprised her was that Thatcher voiced the opinion that Women are unsuited for leadership in general. Which is a stupid thing to say if you are a female PM talking to a Queen.


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