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Harry and Macy

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On 10/12/2020 at 7:24 PM, Charmedgirl2526 said:

On season 2 now! ( the wedding episode) Mel told Maggie, Harry told her he had feelings for Maggie.. when did he tell her that? totally missed that episode!

It was at the end of S2 Episode 5 (The Truth about Kat and Dogs). 


Maggie and Mel use a banned locator spell to track down Macy's location and Harry uncovers his psychic link to his Darklighter Jimmy (the psychic link happens to be a memory about Macy) to find Macy himself.  Harry then goes back to find Mel/Maggie in the command center and they put in the coordinates they got from the banned spell but it doesn't show a witch in danger.  Mel/Maggie ask why Macy isn't in peril and Harry says because the darklighter has feelings for her.  They ask how he knows that and he says "because he (Harry) has feelings for her and for better or worse, he and the darklighter are the same".

Hope this helps! 

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