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Mod Announcements, Policies & Guidelines regarding Josh Duggar's conviction: Updated 5/6/2022

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The following are frowned upon: lecturing, being rude or dismissive, verbally attacking, etc. Also, this is not a debate club, no one wins nor are posters required to provide a bibliography to support their opinions. And please remember - some people like the Duggars, and that's fine! Do not shame people for holding an opinion, whether they're in the minority or the majority here. Posts focused on "I"...."I think, I feel, I saw" are generally fine, posts focused on what the other posters think, feel, saw, interpreted etc may not be.

Some more sitewide & forum specific rules:

  • No political talk. This show has zero political content, so political talk of any kind in posts is off-topic and subject to moderation; this includes Small Talk topics. The Duggars post about politics on social media frequently, but these social media posts are not an invitation to discuss politics here in this forum. The show is no longer airing. There is no need to discuss ANY political content on the forum, including any political campaigns of Jed or JimBob. 
  • Don't bring posts from other sites, that aren't by the Duggars, to this site in order to mock them. People can have whatever opinion about the Duggars they like, and it's not our job to find and shame them.
  • Update as of June 24, 2021-Don’t post exterior pictures or address of various private residences associated with the Duggars. This includes but is not limited to-the homes they currently live in, have lived in, may be selling/purchasing etc. Don’t post their plane’s itinerary. Public business locations are fine, so long as the post does not encourage harassing or stalking behavior- even in jest.
  • Do not speculate about or discuss the sexuality of minors.
  • This show has a lot of religious content, but this is not a religion forum. Please don’t go too deep into the weeds on discussion of religion that doesn’t relate directly to show content, it tends to lead to discussions that are outside the scope of a forum about a television show.
  • Update as of May 1, 2022: Inclusion Policy- 

    Given the recent updates to Primetimer's Inclusion Policy, it is no longer appropriate to mock, belittle or degrade someone on the forum due to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, capacities, age or body type. Specifically for this forum, snarking on a person’s (hair)style/makeup/clothing- all fine. Snarking and individuals weight (whether it is over or under), skin tone, facial features or hair texture- not fine

    Additionally, unless an adult has come forward and stated they have an eating disorder/disordered eating, refrain from speculation regarding eating disorders.

    This guideline is not to inhibit discussion, one is free to say what they like and do not like, but intention is hard to read on an Internet forum, and when it comes to insensitive language, think twice, post once.

Guidelines Surrounding the recent conviction of Josh Duggar

I understand Josh Duggar's conviction will cause a lot of discussion in these forums, often from posters who have not been frequent viewers/contributors here.

Charges have been made public that specifically name possession of Child Sexual Abuse Material, discussion of charges are allowed. As of 12/9/2021, Josh Duggar has been convicted of these charges. Discussion of victims, or possible victims (and their identities) related to these charges are NOT ALLOWED. We are not here to provide content for ghoulish rubbernecking- there is no need to discuss the graphic details related to these charges, the moderators are not going to police posts for graphic content- posts will be removed and violators will be warned. Do not attempt to circumvent this guideline with spoiler tags. 

  • You MAY discuss the 2015 scandals, and any statement a NOW ADULT victim has made public as previously instructed, but speculation on unnamed victims or minor victims are NOT allowed. 

    • Do NOT speculate regarding any potential victims of Josh Duggar. DO NOT speculate regarding his abuse of the M kids/nieces/nephews. 

    • Jokes, asides, memes etc regarding the sexual assault of anyone, INCLUDING Josh Duggar are not allowed.

There will be NO tolerance for violating the above points.

Good rules of thumb:

  • If your post does not mention the appropriate Duggars at all, it's off-topic and belongs in Small Talk. 
  • If your post mentions the Duggars only BARELY, and is mostly about your own personal experiences, those of your family or friends, or discussion of generalized customs or topics, it's off-topic and belongs in Small Talk. 

Going forward, all off-topic posts will simply be removed, not moved to Small Talk. And if people are repeatedly pulling the threads off-topic, they may receive warnings or timeouts. 

If someone is breaking the rules, report them, but don’t engage. If you simply find someone annoying, use our Ignore feature - click your name at the top right, and under Settings, go to Ignored Users to add users to the list. Alternatively, hover your mouse over the avatar of the poster you wish to Ignore and click "Ignore" 

You may see a golden note from on high…the mods. Please read but please don’t argue or discuss in the topic. If you have a question, see a problematic theme arising or just want to offer some chocolate to the mods, please feel free to PM us. Like you, we have jobs, families and lives, and may not always be available immediately, so please be patient.

This is a big and lively forum, and we want you all to have a good time here. We set up our guidelines in order to have some parameters and minimize complaints and blowups. If you ever need to reach out, please do!

Affectionately, The Mods

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Additionally, do not discuss the Rebers outside of public statements that they make. 

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