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S01.E10: The Golem

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I have to say, rewatching this episode, knowing how the season ends really changes it. 

I liked you so much in this episode Henry. Why, why, why did you have to be War?


Also, Katrina is shifty. There's just something I can't put my finger on. And even if it would make her a more interesting character, I don't want Crane to have to deal with that crap, too. Gah, the angst would be too much, they've already got enough crap to deal with such as the freaking Apocalypse. But she's just so jarring and weird and I still don't like her.


Between Headless and this Golem, the actors bring so much life and emotion to something without facial expressions. It's amazing that I actually felt sorry for that Golem; the scene with it and Crane was so moving. Very impressive.

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