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Didn't see a topic for this.  Maybe this was before PrimeTimer?

I started watching this again.  Was mainly going to catch up and watch S04.

But seasons 2 and 3 are hazy in my memory so I decided to watch from season 02 because of Kim Bodnia.

Wow so much younger, even though he's gray already then.

He has that trademark jovial laugh, same as the one Constantin does occasionally on Killing Eve.

But here, Martin is still in mourning.  He is reckless and he wears his emotions more on his face than Constantin.

Especially when he tries to see Jens in prison.


I think season 1 would still be good but after watching both The Bridge and The Tunnel, season 1 has no surprises while I still don't recall how seasons 2 and 3 unfolded.


May be I'm kind of on a Swedish kick because I recently watched Real Humans too.  Have no idea about the language but seems like the characters on both shows speak bluntly and loudly to each other.


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Probably one of the last interviews Sofia Henin gives about the series, right before the premier of the 4th season in the UK.


Doesn't really talk specifically about the season, because they want to keep the stories and plots secret.


She had a supporting role in some Australian series but is set to star opposite Kyle McLachlan in Atlantic Crossing, a series being produced by Norwegian TV about Crown Princess Martha, who fled the Nazis and lived in the White House during the war.

McLachlan is FDR and Helin is Crown Princess Martha.


Presumably someone will distribute it in the US.


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Enjoying some of the subtlety about Swedish vs. Danish culture.

They each seem to have stereotypes of each other.

Swedish seem to be consider more PC, or more woke would be the current word.

They don't use those terms but more than once, they imply that Swedish are more progressive while Danish can be very much like Ameircan conservatives.  In particular, there is a Danish detective named Jonas who's belittling "homos" and alleging that Saga gets on important cases because of "equality not competence."


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Finished the series, really enjoyed it, wouldn't mind seeing more.

Kind of a bittersweet ending for Henrik and Martin is presumably rotting away in prison, though I recall reading that Kim Bodnia showed no interest in continuing the series and now he's found greater fame on Killing Eve.

Sofia Helin alluded to playing Saga again when she's in her 50s.  She's around 48.

I guess it's difficult to keep coming up with multiple seasons to involve both characters and have season-long plots involving ritualized murders, with several plots coming together.

Well Borgen is reported doing another season in 2022, after it last aired in 2013, so 9 years later!

So maybe there will be interest.

The spinoffs like The Tunnel and the US Bridge exhausted themselves.

But there's an explosion of crime dramas across the world so the demand for them seems very high.

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Finally able to watch Season 1 since it is now streaming on Topic in the US. (I had already seen The Tunnel so I remember many of the details from this season.) Still - thrilled to be able to see the original. 

Looking forward to watching all 4 seasons and then reading the comments in this thread. 

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Unable to edit my previous post. 

Finally finished Season 4. I think that Saga Noren now tops my list of favorite heroines. What a tremendous character and performance. I will truly miss her. 

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