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Victor: Sexuality is a spectrum. Some guys like guys. Some guys like girls. Some guys like both. And some guys like feet? I'm not sure what I like but it's definitely not feet.

Victor: So you weld?
Mia: More like fail to weld. This is my dad's crème brûlée torch.

Felix: A DJ makes music into more music.

Lake: I get it. I get why you like Mia. Mia is awesome. But I'm awesome too. And I'm just so tired of waiting for someone to finally realize that.

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Isabel: Those aren't shorts. They're denim underpants.

Lake: Andrew's just as blah as the other guys at Creekwood. I want someone exciting and spontaneous, the kind of guy who isn't afraid to do something crazy and unexpected like rob a bank.
Mia: So a criminal.
Lake: It's not a crime if you don't get caught.
Mia: That's not at all how it works.

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Felix: I think we should go to the dance together.
Lake: I'm not really into dances.
Felix: What? You love everything dance related: Dancing with the Stars, World of Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, Dirty Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance.
Lake: You're such a good listener.

Felix: Just one thing - is this a no shoes household? If so, I want to plan my sock situation accordingly.

Georgina: You do fine in school but clearly your grades aren't going to open any doors so you need to get used to putting your best foot forward, and that means knowing how to look curvy but not big and attractive but not like a floozy. Public perception is crucial.

Lake: So your mom's a hoarder?
Felix: I like to think of her as an overactive collector.

Felix: This might be where I live but this is not a reflection of who I am. The way your mom sees you is not a reflection of you.

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Wendy: I make my own eye shadow out of dehydrated beets.
Felix: I make my own conditioner with coconut milk. That's why my scalp smells like an Almond Joy.

Kieran: But if Tuesday's leg day then Thursday becomes arm day which means I have to do abs on Friday instead.

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