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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Detective and Mystery Shows not on my Home Page?

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I follow "Detective and Mystery Shows" (under Genre Talk). I get notifications of new content. But it doesn't show on my home page? Is there a reason for that? I had a heck of a time finding it since I had no memory of it being under Genre Talk. Various searches did not work. I finally searched on a word I knew was in a recent post.

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It's possible to follow the Genre Talk forum and have that appear on your customised homepage. However, that would light up every time new content is posted in any topic within Genre Talk. It's not possible to have individual topics within Genre Talk appear on a customised homepage as only actual show forums or topics will appear on there. (Genre Talk is the exception).

Alternatively, (you may already do this) - 'follow' the topic itself and adjust notifications settings to allow you to see when new content is posted specifically for that topic only.

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