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While there's never been a better time to sit down with that eight-season series you've always meant to watch but didn't, a full-on series binge can still seem daunting. Instead, why not opt for shorter, curated binges centered around a common theme? They're projects you can start and finish within a few short days before moving on to the next thing. If you haven't seen these shows, these binges can give you a taste of what you've been missing, and if you have seen these shows, they're a fun way to revisit them.

With so many shows and so many themes, the possibilities are endless. We envision a near future where friends create and share playlists like we used to trade mixtapes back in the day. (Bonus: once watched, viewers can rank their favorite episodes in any given binge.)

We'll need some ground rules, of course. To that end, we propose:

1) Each binge be short enough to knock out in a week or two of dedicated viewing.
2) The themes chosen provide the highest possible concentration of great episodes.

More detail (and examples) here:

We've seeded some of our own curated binges in this forum, but we'd love to see yours. To get started, just create a new topic in this forum, or post your list to twitter with the hashtag #curatedbinge.

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