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S01.E07: The Midnight Ride

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I love this episode. I love Abbie and Ichabod working together, I love how John Cho portrays Andy as uber creepy and yet so pitiable. I will occasionally say to my kids, "Kiddo, you rum beggar". It carried the momentum from The Sin Eater and created some of it's own. And I giggle when Crane is at the museum and gets all huffy. I noticed this time that the minister that is killed at the beginning, during the Midnight Ride, his collar flies off in a different direction than his head. Sleepy Hollow always challenges my squick level. Though after seeing the Desolation of Smaug and the Orcs getting half a dozen arrows through heads and another half a dozen getting decapitated, I'm getting better at it.

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This episode is one of my favourites. Just so much fun. Ichabod ranting about Paul Revere in the museum was gold.


[ichabod ranting...]

Abbie: "My friend Steve forgot to take his medication today."

Ichabod: "I alone amongst you does not require medication."


Gold - no Platinum.


And Irving and Abbie "educating" Crane on Sally Hemmings was hilarious too. The interspersed conversation while preparing their little lanterns was the best.


John Cho did an amazing job with appearing menacing yet vulnerable. He seems so conflicted and lost, yet evil.

The episode itself had good pacing and great banter and dialogue.


My only nitpick - the water/bottled water rant. It rang hollow on both sides. Abbie saying tap water as arsenic in it. Okay, fine, but unless she is buying special artisanal bottled water at $4/ bottle, most likely, her bottled water is filled straight from a tap.


Re: Ichabod. There is a reason why most people (even children) drank wine or beer and not water with their meals in the past. In his time, before and up to the early 20th century) The Thames was filthy (since he originates from London). Sewage, rotting corpses, and manufacturing runoff (like from tanning) were all dumped in the Thames and there was no treatment. Ichabod could have maybe had access to a well or natural spring, sure, but not when he was a soldier. Again, this is why everyone drank alcohol and not water. The distilling process boiled the water and killed the bacterial nasties.

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