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[BUG] Embedding gifs

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Unless I'm crazy, it used to be the case that simply typing the URL to a gif embeds it in the post. 

It seems that this no longer works? Like here: 



Or here, in the test zone: 


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Ah, ok, thanks. I'm pretty sure that didn't used to be the case. For example, the gifs in this post used to show up fine. But I guess I can go back and add ".gif" at the end, if it bothered me enough.

PS: Actually, it still doesn't work here, despite the "gif" ending. Maybe the site no longer likes gyfcat.com?

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Unfortunately, 'gif' can't be added manually to a link to make it work. There are some gif links that work without the 'gif' ending (hence general rule of thumb), but it appears the system dislikes gfycat links. I'll put a ticket in with the devs to find out more.

The link for the pita gif below doesn't end in 'gif' but still works.




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