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Canadian Teen Angst: Who did it best?

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Who were your favorite Degrassi characters, past or present?

My favorite was Craig, even though I know a lot of people hated him. I though Jake Epstein was a charismatic actor and poor Craig could never catch a break.

I also liked Craig 2.0 - Eli. I guess I have a thing for bipolar guys. Weird.

Declan and Owen were others that I really liked. I hate that Declan became an almost rapist and Owen's character was mostly dropped after Anya left.

Girls - Ellie at the beginning, Anya always and I'm really liking Maya.

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I really loved Owen, and was looking forward to his character development after Anya and the reveal that Tristan was his sibling.  Then they brought in the Ice Hounds and relegated him to the background where he had maybe 3 lines that entire season and then graduated.  What a waste.


And Manny is one of my all time faves.  I still laugh at the episode when she decided she didn't want to be "cute" anymore and showed up the next day with her sexy clothes and her own theme song (maybe the theme song was only in my head - can't remember).  She also had some great storylines and got interactions with multiple people/circles in the Degrassi-verse.  I even liked her and Jay (another favorite character) together - Did they end up together in the end? (I really love Cassie Steele and wish she would get a fantastic TV show to star in.)


I also loved Wesley, where ever he may be now.


Other characters I like

  • Eli (except when he's with Clare)
  • Dallas (although they don't spend enough time on his personal life, including his kid and his possible struggles with his baby mama)
  • Craig (so much drama, so little time)
  • Jake (so chill and indifferent; and had enough common sense to dump Clare :-D  )
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