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Pepper: I just gave a TED talk on the feminist power of Snap Chat.

Jorge: You just happened to run into Alexander Cabot in the park?
Pepper: Justin Bieber was discovered busking. I know, because he would not shut up about it when we went to see Britney in Vegas.

Katy: I don't want to be a jaded cynic, but this sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime thriller. I don't want you going alone.
Josie: Oh, no, Katy, I am from Riverdale. It is the murder capital of the world. I'll be fine.

Katy: We're New Yorkers. I get the bends when I go to Long Island.

Pepper: You would move to Philadelphia in pursuit of KO's dream at the expense of your own? What is that? Post-post-feminism?

Amanda: I deserve this promotion, Katy. I'm from the upper east side.
Katy: Oh, give me a break, Amanda! You are from Westchester.

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Pepper: Close your eyes and imagine this - an art gallery, black box theater, live music venue, runway, atelier. All behind one exclusive door. I want to open the modern day version of Andy Warhol's Factory - the Pepper Plant. A place where emerging artists can collide and collaborate and party. 
Chad: I love a party. In fact, want to do some coke in the bathroom?
Pepper: What is this? The 80s?

Jorge's agent: They're seeing people for the historical rap musical Jefferson.

Pepper: How many square feet did you say?
Real estate agent: Thirty five hundred.
Pepper: Hmm. Looks smaller. Have people been squatting here? Is that blood?
Real estate agent: I can assure you - no one's living here or has been stabbed.

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Buzz: Are you aware that you talk to Taylor Swift in your sleep?
Jorge: She needs my guidance.

Katy: Just because [Gloria] has no one to go home to, it doesn't mean she has to take it out on me.
Gloria: Katy, I'm already home, surrounded by the loves of my life - Gucci, Chanel, Dior.

Gloria: So you brought me a fancy child's cookie.

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Katy: I thought I heard the rumblings of a friend-tervention. You guys, I appreciate it, but I'm fine. Truly.
Pepper: Honey, you're wearing ballet flats. You're clearly not fine.

Katy: I'm not allowed to wallow. I'm the one who broke up with KO.
Francois: Doesn't make it any less painful. They say it takes half the length of your relationship to fully heal. And twice as long for women.
Katy: So twenty years.

Pepper: So you're roommates with KO. He has mentioned in the past you're at Tisch.
Raj: Yeah, I'm working on a thesis about the intersection of organized crime and homoeroticism in American cinema.

Pepper: Uh, Raj, this is an art film, n'est-ce pas?
Raj: An erotic art film. The Rodfather, Part II.

Katy: Hey, Pepper, you know Guy LaMontagne, right?
Pepper: Ooh, do I ever. We were both on the same 30 under 30 list.

Josie: What is this? 
Alex: It's standard. It's just an NDA.
Josie: Just an NDA. It just feels like I'm signing my voice away to Ursula.

Josie: Let's just say the Cabots make Flowers in the Attic seem like the Brady Bunch.

Bernardo: You were so great back there.
Jorge: Yeah, and yet you're the one who keeps getting singled out.
Bernardo: So I look like a porn cop - great.

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Pepper: You Americans are so dramatic. Do you know what we call a polar vortex in England? January.

Gloria: Tell me, Katy, what do these three looks have in common?
Katy: That I made them? 
Gloria: And?
Katy: And?
Gloria: That's about all. There's no cohesion. You're all over the map. Who's your client? A drag queen? Chloe Sevigny? A heart-obsessed toddler?

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Katy: I'm gonna do a rebound!
Pepper: How titillating. But with whom?
Jorge: I don't know any other straight guys besides KO. And my brothers.
Katy: Absolutely not.

Sierra: This neighborhood! There's a transient man on your stoop who claims to be Rudy Giuliani.

Pepper: That's nothing compared to the time I went out on a date with Jared Leto who only gives butterfly kisses.

Francois: I'd like a Shirley Temple, please - with vodka.

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Gloria: The tremor of your guilty voice is like a tarantula crawling inside my skull.

Gloria: I don't speak bohemian but are you saying seriously saying you're making costumes for an off-off-Broadway show instead of designing the centerpiece of a royal wedding the entire world will see?

Alex: Nope, I'm not interested [in investing in Jorge's show]. The muscal was bizarre and self indulgent.
Pepper: That's what they said about Kinky Boots and it won six Tonys.

Katy: You almost seem like a nice person sometimes but you're actually terrible, aren't you?

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Guy: Can we have softer lights? It's like an interrogation room in here.

Katy: I had a sense that [Guy] had this in him when he was a jerk to Gloria but then he gave me my shoe back and this apprenticeship and suddenly he became Prince Charming.
Pepper: Well, yes, we all know how Prince Charming likes his girls, don't we? Asleep in glass boxes.

Pepper: Some harpy named Hannah Melvy, if that is even her real name, is making outrageous accusations. She's saying that I did not introduce Shawn Mendes to Camila Cabella. And I know it's unbecoming to brag, but I did give the world that adorable though sometimes quite obnoxious couple. Now she's saying I don't know Dame Kristen Stewart!

Pepper: You're treating liking two people as if it was some big moral quandary but it really isn't. Take me for example. I've made it perfectly clear to both Raj and Dee Dee that I'm seeing both of them.
Jorge: Like an open relationship?
Pepper: Well, I"m not in a relationship with either of them so no.

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Jorge: Pepper's the reason that Kiss of the Spiderwoman happened - and my threeway.
Pepper: Kevin, what's your play about, my love?
Kevin: Bon Nuit - it's a coming of age noir set in the small town of Creekdale. A lot of people die. And also make out.
Pepper: My favorite combo.

Katy: They perp walked [Gloria] out of [Lacy's] like she stole a lipstick!

Katy: I never imagined I'd see you in Washington Heights.
Gloria: I never imagined I'd see all these colors together in one room.

Josie: Cheryl, you can't just round up every suspected serial killer in Creekdale. Half the town would be under citizen's arrest.

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Hannah: You were right. New York does need more spaces for creative types, but you're stuck in the past. This pre-Giuliani squatter chic vibe you're going for? No. New York has changed.

Casey: Did you have a face transplant with a Disney princess? Is that a real human face?

Katy: He's about 6'4', probably wearing a turtleneck and waxing poetic about Halston.

Jorge: Call me Queen Elsa because yo soy frozen.
Luisa: That's because you wear crop tops year round.

Amanda: I cannot have you going to the Meta Gala looking like young Cosette.

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Amanda: I'm confused why Katy thinks that slinging cigarettes at a bodega qualifies as retail experience but I don't have time to care.

Amanda: This is Lacy's. If you need cash that desperately, why don't you try the Penn Station Hooters?

Amanda: Katy, your friend Pepper was here. She took [the purse].
Katy: Oh, Amanda, you also thought that Jennifer Aniston walked out with a pair of cashmere gloves.

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