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The Morning Quotes

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Bradley: Jesus, would you turn [American Pie] off? He's been singing about the same fucking plane crash the past 50 years. Everybody's still dead. Time to move on.

Alan: This is not my agenda, Bradley, okay? I'm just a liberal Harvard longhair who cut his hair short for this job. This is a stepping stone for me. I play by the rules.
Bradley: The truth is the truth whether you're writing for The Bumfuck Gazette or The New York Times. By the way, that was an award-worthy shoehorning of the word Harvard into the conversation. Everybody who's ever been to Harvard can make an entire conversation out of the word Harvard like Harvard, Harvard, Harvard.
Joe: Harvard, Harvard, Harvard.

Alan: Hey, just do yourself a favor. Try to be more agreeable, for chrissake.
Bradley: I am fucking agreeable!

Charlie: They're saying they want this week to land somewhere between repudiation and navel-gazing, whatever the fuck that means.

Daniel: I do everything right, everything they've asked me to do in the last three years. They just don't know what to do with me. And they're making us see this popcorn shit? Fucking Gilmore Girls: The Musical? Is the world so bereft of new ideas? Why did I get a master's in journalism? What's the point of having a PhD in political science? They're making me jump through hoops watching the fucking Gilmore Girls sing about how tough upper middle class life in Connecticut is while a bunch of idiot white dudes eat expensive food on the network's dime to discuss how to overlook me. And what the hell kinda name is Lorelai anyway?

Mitch: This is Weinstein's fault.
Alex: Please don't say that. It's so ignorant.

Alex: I'm sorry you're such an asshole.
Mitch: Me too.
Alex: I wouldn't use those two words together if I were you.

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