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Beatrice: I just got fired by a guy who makes key lime pie with lemons.

Beatrice's mother: I thought being a waitress at a restaurant was the bottom but now you are a waitress on the sidewalk.

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Man: So are you having a good cruise, or what?
Ai: No. It's sad. Everyone here is sad.
Man: Well, yeah. But that's everywhere, isn't it? I mean, at least here they give you all you can eat shrimp.

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Faraz: You know what would really pull this restaurant up to the major big leagues?
Waitress: Smaller eggs?

Faraz's business card:
Faraz Shahidi
Bee-Keeper, Quail Egg Merchant, Pistachio Farmer, Roller-skating Instructor

Faraz: You know, I can write up a business plan so the band can become profitable. You know who's a massive artist and a massive businessman? 
Behrad, Jason, and Troy: Bono.
Faraz: Yes! He owns, like, lots of castles. And he invested in Yelp. And he makes great music. You're the Bono. You're the Edge. And you're, uh, one of the other members of U2.

Ronnie: Great time to invest right here in Yonkers. It's exactly like New York, but less loud and much cheaper. The city that sleeps.

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Dear Rafiq,

You'll never believe what I can see behind these hazel eyes. I'm living the American dream, baby. Since you've been gone, it's all happened so fast. I've been here for a few months waiting for a moment like this, and it's very different than I expected - in a good way, I think. You'll be next. I know it. Don't give up. And keep checking your status.

Love, Miss Independent, AKA Zain

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