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The L Quotes

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Micah: My mom landed an hour ago and went straight to the pot shop. She got 24 gummies.
Sophie: Oh, damn.
Micah: She's going to be stoned when she meets José later.
Sophie: I wish my mom smoked a little more weed. It might calm her ass down.

Finley: Hey, I got some supplies. I got Cheetos, Funyuns, Snoballs - all your major food groups. And you'd think Cheetos and Funyuns would be in the same food group.

Sophie: Have you ever done something that you were like pretty sure you'll regret?
Maribeel: I mean, it took me a while to settle into my bangs but I don't regret them.

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Alice: I can't believe I went from the greatest girlfriend to two girlfriends to no girlfriends.

Shane: Check out the woman at your twelve o'clock. 
Alice: Really? 
Shane: Yeah.
Alice: Okay. All right, I'll be sly. 
[Alice turns around]
Shane: That is your six. 
Alice: Oh. I don't know clocks, okay? Everything's digital now.

Finley: I didn't know if you guys wanted limes but I thought they looked fancy.

Alice: I don't think I've ever seen [Bess] lose anything. Like, not even her keys.

Angie: Can I ask you something?
Alice: Yeah, sure. What's up?
Angie: When did you lose your virginity?
Alice: Mmm. Okay. Um, I haven't yet.
Angie: I know you're lying.
Alice: Okay, yeah. I was, um, I was, like, 37.
Angie: You know what? I'll just ask Shane. I think that's perfect. 
Alice: No. 
Angie: No? 
Alice: No. No, I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk. Okay, uh, whew. Well, I was 17, and it was with this guy who played my mom's son in a movie of the week, so that was a little weird.
Angie: What's a movie of the week?
Alice: That was your takeaway from what I just said?

Sophie: I guess I just figured that you'd never want to talk about it.
Finley: Yeah, no, that's, like, definitely my move for sure.

Drew: So you're going to, uh, get Roxane, um, Roxane-
Sophie: Roxane Gay? 
Drew: Yeah. 
Sophie: Yeah, yeah.
Drew: Can I call her that?
Sophie: OMIGAWD.

Dani: I bought tickets to Hawaii today. Sophie's never been. We head out tomorrow.
Rodolfo; Which island? 
Dani: Oahu. 
Rodolfo: Oh. Well, you should go to Maui.
Dani: No, we're going to Oahu.

Dani: As I adjust to the idea that I can't change you, I invite you to do the same for me.

Finley: You are, like, the world's worst Catholic.
Sophie: What? How?
Finley: Don't you know how to, like, shove it down? Just, like, way down and never talk about it? 
Sophie: Omigawd, is that what you're doing?
Finley: Of course that's what I'm doing. That's what everybody does. That's how you survive in the world.

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