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Now that we have a full forum for this show, we will using episode threads instead of a single thread, starting with season 2 (Season 1 discussion can remain in the season 1 thread).  As Netflix doesn't release their episode titles and synopses until after they have dropped the season, I will create threads with generic titles for season 2.  At some point on 1/17/2020 (the day season 2 drops), I'll go back in add in the correct titles and synopses.

A few reminders:

Primetimer policies apply!  If you are new to the site, or just need a refresher, please take a moment to check them out.

Also, discussion in the episode threads should be on the episode in questions.  While you can refer back to previous episodes (as long as the bulk of your post is about the topic episode), please do not refer to things that happen in later episodes.  This will be considered spoiling and your post will be removed.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message.



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