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1 Pound Mod Note: Read me!

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As always, talk about the people on the show as the individuals they are.  That is, do not extrapolate their actions or behaviors onto any other assumed or actual like groups.  The Slaton sisters do not represent all obese people, all people from Kentucky, or any other group that they may be part of.  They are unique unto themselves, something for which we should all be thankful.  

Should they be revealed to have specific health conditions or receive any form of government assistance this may be discussed solely as it applies to them and only if it applies to them.  Do not assume they receive benefits unless it is stated explicitly on the show. Do not assume others with such conditions or receiving similar benefits are like these special women.  After all, that forehead fat flap alone sets these charmers apart! 

If you have questions regarding these directives, please PM the forum Mod @PrincessPurrsALot.

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