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Note from the Mod: Season Five

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The fifth and final season will begin on April 14, 2023.  The first three episodes will drop together, and the remaining six will then drop weekly, with the series finale on May 26, 2023. Episode topics will appear prior to each drop date. 

Please be careful not to discuss future plot points in the topic for an earlier episode -- i.e., in the topic for episode 1, don't mention or imply something that happens in episode 3. Give a thought before posting, and take that point about later events into its own episode topic, instead. Spoiler tags won't cover for this. Time-insensitive posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be sanctioned

Seasons Two, Three and Four each have a "Marvelous General Discussion" topic. That's the place for your thoughts about arcs, themes, characterizations and quirks of the season overall, or the series to date. (Season One general discussion takes place in the topic for its final episode, "Thank You and Good Night.") Please send me a PM if you have any questions.

Thank you and good watch!

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