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Questions about London

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I've noticed in some of the episodes that a building will be shown (or a home) and there will be a letter/number combination. Can anyone tell me what that means?

For example there was a building with a W1. Another had a L and number.

Sorry for starting a thread on this ,but I thought maybe other posters may have general London questions in the future.

Thank you

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I think W1 is most likely a post code (like a zip code) for example W1 is Central London. As for the numbers and letters I'm not quite sure, I'll have to take a look. I know some houses/apartments etc have letters and numbers in their house numbers, apartments especially.

Edit: I've just had another look at the last episode. A lot of the street signs will have letters and a number like SW7 for example. Again this is a postcode, this one in particular is for South Kensington and Knightsbridge which is a very very expensive part of London.

The SW part stands for South West, as it's in the south west of the city.

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