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Weirdness happening with Like Function

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This has been happening for a week now. When I want to choose the laughing reaction to a post, the site does a weird vibrate and open up a weird window. But will only let me choose the heart. It takes two or three attempts to change my reaction. And in the process of trying, a yellow box will surround the post, whether it’s a new unread post or an older one.

Only happens on my iPhone, Safari v. 13.2


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3 hours ago, SilverStormm said:

Can you link me to a specific post where this problem occurred please. Thanks

The screen shot I linked above was from the Outlaw/King thread from the movies forum. But it doesn't happen all the time, and it happens in all the forums I post in and even in those I just lurk. But on the top of my head, it's happened in the GH Forum, The White Queen, The White Princess threads.

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1 hour ago, SilverStormm said:

Roger that. What I really need is a link to an individual post where you've experienced this issue to help us track it down. Thanks.

Here is the link to the post I tried to use the laughing emoji when I got that weird pop up. The thread had just been created and it's the last post.

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Here's the advice from the devs on this:


The interface designer pointed out that basically the user is running into a default feature of the iPhone they simply may not be aware of. The iPhone has support for basic taps as well as hard presses (it has a sensor that detects how hard you push), and long presses. This user is pushing down on the reaction area too hard or for too long, which is causing the built in Safari menu options shown in the screenshot.

In short, the user needs to tap lighter and quicker on the reaction area, rather than tap and hold, or press hard. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about this - it's simply how Safari responds when you perform those actions on any type of link.

Hope that helps!

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