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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Can anything be done about jumpy pages?


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This has been going on as long as I can remember, and there's probably nothing you can do about it, but I'll go ahead and ask.

When a page loads (especially one with a lot of photos and videos), you can see that it takes you first to the yellow-box post (first unread, or the one linked in your notifications), then jumps around for as much as several seconds while it loads everything, so you're no longer at the correct place on the page and you can't start searching for the yellow-box post until everything has settled down.  If you try to scroll before it's "ready" it just takes control and moves where it wants.

This is more noticeable the smaller the device, and seems to be worst on the "media" threads for popular shows (SNL for example).

I seem to remember from an HTML for dummies course back in the olden days, that there are some things the web page designer can do to remedy that, maybe something to do with loading place-holders for the slower content, or changing the order things load...?  I have no idea if that applies here, but is that something you can ask your coding team or vendor?  Thanks!

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