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  1. I've also noticed that some SB actors still act in movies or in TV-series, but my problem is that they are usually in some streaming service, and we don't use any of them. The Finnish TV channels are a joke nowadays, as all they have are the reality tv shows or other celebrity stuff. If there is a new TV-series once a year, it's on a pay TV channel. I would even consider paying for streaming a movie or a TV-series if the price was reasonable, but whenever I have tried to do that, I've got an error message saying that they're not accessible in Finland. My preferred choice would be to order a dvd or bluray from somewhere (yes, I'm a relic), but unfortunately not everything is available in these formats anymore.
  2. I finally got myself to continue watching SB. Only 1988 so far, but will try to get to 1984 soon, too. It has been a while, so I didn't remember what was going on when I took a break. So, the Fox is about to be revealed and Cain was watching things from "a corridor" up, and then fighting Andrea there. I'm wondering if the corridor is indeed their stage's background thing or something like that. I've seen similar in tv shows or movies, if there is a theatre setting. Would be logical to use this king of background setting - and also interesting to see, how it looks like. It's been freezing cold here in Finland lately, even under -30 c. Not much motivation to go outside, especially when we got a cold right after Christmas and it still goes on. But what a perfect opportunity to watch movies and tv shows. :D
  3. Cleo, it would be nice to read your comments on the early episodes if you want to write them here. I have to check where I am in 1984 and start watching again.. I've had enough of Hallmark for this year.
  4. Despite my good intentions, I still haven't returned to watching SB. There has finally been something interesting in B & B (after years of boring stuff) and also our various TV channels show Hallmark Christmas movies every day. Since it's cold, snowy and dark outside (the darkness descends after three o'clock in the afternoon), I have tried to cheer myself up with this brainless Christmas entertainment. However, I'm thinking of continuing SB every day, so hopefully I'll get there eventually. All this was to say, that you'll probably catch us at some point, cleo. :D
  5. This page has been quiet for a while! I myself haven't had time to watch SB lately, but hope to be getting back to it this week. I'll continue both the beginning and 1988.
  6. Thanks for sharing the interview Carlos. I thought of watching a bit of it but ended up watching it completely while eating breakfast. The things she said were interesting but I still don't like her attitude towards SB. Also, the person interviewing her used the expressions like "being stuck with Santa Barbara". I just don't like that. I try not to let it affect the way I see Kelly, as I like her character a lot.
  7. I remember Mason seeing Julia and Michael through the window. I'm not sure, but I think Mason even confronted Julia about this or just made a nasty remark about it - perhaps it was Sonny then. I liked Julia and Michael together as Mason/Sonny was an idiot, but I would have of course prefered her to be together with "normal" Mason.
  8. Apparently, I have lost my notes on episode 31, too. Thought I commented it already. Well, based on episode 32 and Bali's comments: - It's nice that the porn producer storyline is finally over. And the whole Hollywood thing, it's nice they'll move on from it soon. - Joe is a too pushy when it comes to Kelly. no wonder she rejects him and is angry at him all the time. - Mason and Veronica together doesn't feel right. It's like he is making advances and she just wants to run. Awkward to watch. - A good point about characters interacting with each other early on and when time lapses, they start to only interact with a couple of different characters, not everyone. Episode 32: - Poor Danny thinks that Jade now wants him. She shouldn't lead him on - Joe should be careful when fighting with anyone, especially Peter. Of course Peter claims that it was Joe who attacked him. At least Kelly asks him if he provoked Joe - Good for Veronica to follow Lionel's advice and mention his name to get rid of Mason - Lionel and his rituals! As funny as some of these scenes are, I wish there was some advancing plot, too - Santana and CC, like father visiting his daughter. Yuck! Would it possibly work better if Jed Allen played CC in these scenes? - We see David Hasselhoff! What a nice scene. I loved Knight Rider as a kid and now, as an adult, I own the dvds of the show - At least Kelly is starting to talk to Joe in a nicer tone. And a kiss at the end. Can't wait for her to dump Peter Now to watch episode 33.
  9. I'm sure I watched episode 32 and had made notes of it, but I can't find them anywhere. I'll rewatch it this week if I still can't find the paper in a couple of days. In the meanwhile, I managed to get through 1987. Some thoughts on it: Good: - the baby contract - Kelly and Jeffrey in Europe, falling in love and finally getting married - Brick and Jane together, except for when Brick was being a brick and didn't treat Jane nicely - Cain as a good guy - Pamela's return and her interaction with Mason and Jeffrey - Cruz escaping the police at Kelly & Jeffrey's wedding - Mason and Tori together at the beginning, before it became clear that he should be with Julia Bad: - the Utah storyline. From the beginning to the end. Hated it all. - Eden's paralysis, I'm getting tired of the stupid excuses to keep Cruz and Eden apart - Cruz's trial and conviction, the jail scenes - Cain as a bad guy. So sick and psychotic. Why couldn't they make him nice from the beginning? Or at least less scary and obsessive? - Pamela turning Kelly and Jeffrey against each other - Lionel & Caroline together - Hayley's rape, she and Ted divorcing, Hayley and Jake together All in all, 1987 was much worse than 1986. So, I'm in 1988 now. Hayley just died, Andrea came to Santa Barbara. The assassin storyline (Cruz & Eden) is going on. Scott is with Gina (won't be soon anymore) and she just got Brandon's custody. Keith is really annoying, meddling with Gina's life. Kelly is annoying, as she doesn't try to distance herself from the family feud as Jeffrey does. TJ is slimy. Sophia does crazy things. Well, at least Eden and Cruz are together. And soon will be Mason and Julia, too. I'll go look for the notes.
  10. Episode 30: - I still don't like Santana and Cruz together. And them kissing, yuck! Fortunately, this all will change soon. - Cruz says that he and Santana are good friends but wasn't it so that they haven't seen each other in years? An interesting definition of good friends. - Augusta just lies about Joe without even blinking. - Why couldn't Joe just tell Kelly the details in stead of driving her away.. - I repeat the same thing I've said ten times: Jade is so selfish and superficial! - I still don't like Mason. He is unreasonable about the Presidental suite. Not the Mason I love. - Ted and Laken's storyline is sweet but a little boring. - At the beginning of the show, any character can be in any episode. Later on, after watching the first 5 minutes of an episode, you can tell which characters are "on" and which not. I like the earlier times better, as with 1986-1987, I often understand soon after the episode begins, that there won't be anything interesting in the next 40 minutes. Then I just sit it through, nothing to wait for. - The two-way mirror seemed like a sick request. Who would have that installed and who would agree to do so without confirming it from the boss.. - It was just right for Jade that Danny didn't want to come rescue her once more. About 1987: - I like Pamela. In fact, the more the others (especially CC) dislike her, the more I like her. It wasn't fair that CC and Sophia kept Mason from her and that CC even hid the letters from her. And every other character is defending his actions. - I finally got through the Cruz trial, conviction and escape. Didn't like it at all, didn't remember much of it from my teen years. Kirk was a nice addition, but he was used so quickly and even at the end, he didn't refuse telling Keith that Cruz didn't kill Elena. No, he admitted it eagerly. A poor ending to a way too long storyline. - I really don't like Jake. He is always whining and pressuring Hayley to do things/marry him/work with him/do this and that. Not a very attracting quality. I wish Ted and Hayley would get back together, but I know that won't happen. - I dislike the pace of the show. It always goes like this: 1. A couple is happy 2. They have hardships, difficult times 3. They get over the hardships; get back together/married/you name it 4. From the next episode on after the phase 3, New hardships begin. An example of this: Kelly and Jeffrey. When they finally got married, they started to argue right away. I know it's a soap and I know we have discussed this before but still.. it feels so stupid and pointless not to let the couples be happy for a while sometimes. Instead of whining more, I'll go and watch an episode. :)
  11. Carlos Abad, you have good observations on sets, lightning etc. And the promos, I have never really watched them before, but checked a couple of the later ones after you made me realize they exist. Fortunately, after the whiny beginning, Kelly will get better. As will Mason. Looking forward to that. I agree with you on the teens story. The age difference between Ted and the rest of his siblings is made notable; he has teen's problems, which don't seem so interesting to me. Not much later there will be the Christy's rape storyline, marriage with Hayley etc. They could have just started with him being gratuated or something. Maybe they wanted to get some teen viewers to watch the show and that's why they started Ted's story this way. In my opinion, his character would have been ready for some serious issues/adult life from the start.
  12. Episode 29: - Ted has his shoes on when he is on the bed. I've seen this same with characters in movies and TV shows, when they are on the couch. Is this regular in the USA? Feels strange to me as when I get home, my shoes stay next to the door. - Nice to see other angles of the Capwell Mansion than just the few that will be seen later on. I'm referring to the scene in which Kelly and Peter talk in the "lobby". - If Joe's presumed innocence affected Kelly's feelings towards him (that is, she would like to get back together with him, she loves him), then she doesn't really care for Peter. Which we of course already guessed. And right away, when she doubts Joe again, she goes back to Peter. He must feel like a second choice at this point. - Lionel and his love potion! Crazy! - Why did the writers make Kelly so stupid that she believes and agrees to whatever lies Mason tells about Joe? - It sounds so corny when Joe says "Oh Cruz". Well, he is a good-looking guy.. - Cruz eyeing the woman in the restaurant feels so wrong. And why doesn't he defend Joe when Kelly accuses him of lying? - Ted seems like he was drunk when waking up.. - Augusta is so over dramatic and it doesn't seem believable that she would suddenly change her mind about her actions concerning the poor cooked pigeon. I like her pearl necklace, btw. - And again, I hate John Perkins. His attitude is so sick. - I don't like Mason using law on his own purposes (the house search in Lockridge Mansion). - Minx sitting with a crop in her hand is the best part of this episode. I've read some posts of the actors in FB (I even have some of them as my friends there - years ago I was bold and asked them :D), but it didn't occur to me that they could be here, too. Then again, I have no idea of how popular this discussion board is in the USA, I just ended up here at some point when someone linked this on a Finnish discussion board and I wanted to read the latest news on 90 Days Fiancee. :D
  13. Carlos Abad, I'm sure you'll catch us! Our pace is not very fast. I haven't had a chance to watch an old episode in days, but will try to do so today, as I want to see more. 1987 isn't so great. I wasn't disappointed that they didn't develop a relationship between Warren and Jade. Though maybe those two would have deserved each other, as they both seemed quite superficial. Brandon's birth is hard to understand for me, too. And I didn't realize that Santana was supposed to be pregnant in the 1979 scene. It all confuses me. I also love If Ever You're in My Arms Again but I felt it was silly sometimes when they played it all the time. It felt like a parody. I think the use of the couples' music gets better later on.
  14. The change from Santana and Augusta wanting to kill Joe to merely hating him is just like the later changes in characters (Cain becoming a nice guy after being a jealous psycho, Jane becoming a nice girl after being a bitch etc.). Not consistent. I didn't know some of the SB actors read posts here. I have to keep that in mind when analyzing. Though I usually analyze the characters (= the writers).. I love the music, too! Though at the beginning, the silent parts are more noticable than later on.
  15. Connelly, if you can catch up with us, you're more than welcome to watch and comment the show together with Bali and me. :) We're at episode 28 at the moment.
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