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  1. Arrow's David Ramsey to Star as Diggle in Justice U Series in Works at The CW https://tvline.com/2022/01/13/david-ramsey-star-justice-u-series-cw-diggle/ About time they bring Diggle back ! The kids he teaches better be Mia and William and Barry's kids
  2. This show is on Hulu and was originally pitched as a movie. James Lafferty and Steven Coletti know each other from One Tree Hill and it's about two washed up guys who had a big vampire drama hit on the CW previously and now can't find new jobs. Very true to life it seems!
  3. In most of the epsiode CT was wearing something the same competition uniform that matches everyone else. Outside of that he wore two Under Armor shirts one was a gray tank with a US flag in the logo and one was a yellow hoodie that said "Blood Sweat Respect" with the Brahma Bull. There was not any Q clothes.
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