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  1. So was Jackie just hoeing when she married Finns father or what? I mean what's going on with the DNA and the Trojan (hahahaha) antidote. Can Chase just be better now and maybe go to One Life to Live ?? How do we keep a Chase and lose a Franko?? Even Peter was a respectable actor because I hated him. He was like that cartoon villain that dressed up like an evil mortician and twisted his beard.... But can we be done with Chase? He makes Willow stupid, who in turn makes Michael dumb ad stupid, then I watch and get mad so maybe also ....stupid (ugh). I just can't with this Chase storyline, if he d
  2. Loves it! She sent Jason to Siberia or something.
  3. Best quote ever : She's too stupid to live. If there was any question as to where Nell got her crazy. So this idiot (Nina) decided to tell a talking child that HIS DEAD GF IS ALIVE!! What?? Kudos to Valentin for deciding to step out of that triangle (must be his WSB training that helped him see Nina came back crazy, but he used the words "found peace" I believe). But just when you think Nina wins the Idiot of the Day Award .... " I would be honored .... to marry you Chase" ? ... like huh?? I don't even have the words for this crap. Sonny please go visit Nina in PC PLEASE!!! I s
  4. Great points, especially Stella. I mean, to the writers - "we saw this story with Jordan" and I thought she was to have gotten the point. I'm hoping they toke it up to her being scared for him as he lays in a hospital bed. Maybe go pull a Cam and chastise his would be murder. Not the woman he's into, which is what her Spidey sense is picking up. As far as Sean goes, He should know he's there because of him and nothing else, however, he's being kept there because of privilege and his sentence could be a product of injustice. I would say no because what the show will try and do is say he a
  5. RIGHT? Just fix dude so we can get on with Willow and Michael. They really should do something with Chase though because his character is just good for looking pathetic and weak as hell at this point. Maybe make him go psycho over loss instead of having that always be a female character. Well you folks tell me, Did we have that already with Peter? He was kind of always mentally ill, yah?
  6. I think that's hope on your part. lol. But if they go that way (lol, pun), Let em live. I just need someone to TELL CHASE THE STINKING TRUTH already!! He knows in his sad little weak man heart, and his pathetic passive aggressive manipulation of Will is just sad and is passively "making me thirsty ( come on Seinfeld my people)" ... Is it just me or ??
  7. I'm so done with the Nixon crap. I want it over already. Just a land of bad acting, crime, terrible storylines, and a lost MB. I hope we leave "The Falls" ( I bet Elijah is in the Corinthos Org, but doing side crap with those malls ) soon and when we do I just need Sonny back, please .... Nina can stay. Unless we bring back the "Days" actress again (redhead). She was so good. I hated seeing the switch but didn't hate the character until this new Nina. It's just bad and her eyes scare me and bug me at the same time, and I don't even watch those scenes if I'm being honest. At least Franco
  8. I didn't know she died. So yeah definitely Nina's fantasy
  9. No, before the sickness he was all gooey acting like they were together and Willow had not given him much to think that. I'm talking back in the winter and they were diving with the PolarBears. Also, whenever he walked in on them, and I think they had just finished having sex and were still cuddled up and he walks in. Either way he knew. Val.Day she used Wiley as an excuse but they had just finished having numerous conversations about her and Michael and it was uncomfortable, then she goes home, to Michael. He and Sasha blew their stuff up and no matter the reason, it's just dead. I apprecia
  10. We should stop watching. Let's stop watching after everything gets fixed...lol. Yah, Corinth is where Loving was and I just realized Nixon Falls must be a play on Agnes Nixon the co-creator. So maybe this wasn't Sonny's vanity but Mrs. Nixon's. Seems like Nina's fantasy. She's really nuts-o. That glazed look in her eye is just sick now and in no way endearing like the writers want us to see it. This is not a wonderful "What if" storyline for a good Sonny ( Sonny is good), it's messy and fake, killing two character arches and for what? I mean I thought MB needed a vaca and so he goes away
  11. Right on. They really need new writing because all of a sudden it's gotten bad. They need a change... Let's start with a cleansing of Nixon Falls!! PLEASE GIVE US SONNY BACK!
  12. Yeah it's "disgusting". How long are they gonna not write a new storyline and milk this "guilt" plot between the 3/4. Let Michael and Willow be together already for poops sake. But I wouldn't say the kid that got raped in jail always goes on top. I don't see why they have to play this game with Chase anyway. This guy is a weak "please love me Willow" joke. He's been guilting her from the start even though HE FOUND THEM MAKING LOVE. I mean the dude has no self pride and to me and IMHO a big baby. She left you on Val.DAY to go be with Michael??? I mean What else does he need to see. Then
  13. Preach! The fact that we have a Mike and not a Sonny is VANNITY, exactly as previously posted. The worse is Nina. Knowing that she's being so incredible selfish is amazing for her arch. I still don't know her plan and what the hell she's doing. I just hope Carly gets to beat that ass.
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