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  1. Did anyone else catch this? During the Josie Maran show, a man was heard to say "yea, because I killed it..." as she looked (glared) at him and then the camera cut back live to SK who said, "ok Hi! Well, here's what we got going on... thanks Josie for turning our lives upside down - in a good way". What the hell happened? I have the audio of the exchange but can't figure out how to download it, it seems to be too big. She is off for an hour while Rick presents the HP Computer show, then the schedule says she will be back in one hour for "Cheers! to Holiday Shopping with Leah and Shawn". Someth
  2. She is so hyper tonight, she must be on something. Not to mention walking around with a goblet of wine in her hand. She is manic and crazy. Walking all over out of camera. Touching everything, moving it around. How does she have this job??? She is the best QVC can do?
  3. How the hell is this lunatic "Saving" my Christmas? WHY would I want to buy anything she is assigned to sell? The other women can model it appropriately. This fool is ridiculous!
  4. Something is wrong... it seems like the quality of QVC has gone down 😔 They are selling the same ol things, over and over again. Seems like they are clearing the shelves. The novelty and newness of products has gone by the wayside (example: Muk Luk socks over and over ahhhh!!). They stay on one product for too long and talk about how it is "flying out of here" or "how busy the phones lines are". But then the product is on again soon after again. And the prime time presenters are always in casual pajamas drinking wine. I have not seen one item I want to but someone for xmas. Totally serious. A
  5. That's an extra extra small gut don't cha know 😆
  6. They had her sell toffee candies once I think it was with Leah. SK had so many stuffed in her mouth, moaning and groaning in ecstasy, it was so disgusting to watch. You couldn't even understand what she was saying, she had to pass it over to Leah. Smacking her lips and chewing with her mouth open, it was absolutely one of the most disgusting things they have shown. Why would I want to buy that candy??
  7. she is so damn competitive, all she wants to do is play the game and let the guest talk about the video arcade game they are trying to sell. She did not help him at all. She needs to turn around, face the camera, share product features, and freakin sell the product. Plus the back of her hair looks all nasty.
  8. So professional calling out QVC while on air. She simply doesn't care and thinks she is untouchable. She was so annoyed with her camera confusion her tone was so rude geeze what a bitch.
  9. Her narcissistic personality hates being told what to do.
  10. She tells us she is in an Extra Small, then turns her fat ass to the camera AND STAYS THERE FOR SEVERAL SECONDS so we could feast our eyes on her loveliness. The front view sported a very generous camel toe but I could not bring myself to post that... she is beyond gross.
  11. Guess who the QVC presenter is? YES! It's our unkept, lazyass, can't clean up her act, reason why we are all here.
  12. I agree but also think there is a laziness factor she owns. She always lets other people do the selling if she can... it is pretty funny that all she has done is walk around the set vacuuming while Rick does all the selling. She is lazy and worthless.
  13. Rick and Shawn are selling a stretching mat... Shawn starts a story about her husband going to a stretching class that has nothing to do with the product... Rick interrupts her and says the man could probably buy two of the stretching mats for the price of those classes. Way to go RICK! lol. Then he asks her "Shawn, what (meaning stretching program option) are you on right now?" to which she replies "Uh, I'm not on anything. I'm posting a video of us getting ready to kick off a 49 hour dance marathon shopping marathon. I'm sorry (nervous laughter)" Rick: Are you stretching right now? Shawn:
  14. She is sharing this segment with Leah... yet the set is plastered with all her stupid paintings and personal pictures of her and her family. Leah has nothing personal displayed around the set. This makes no sense to me other than to scream its all about shawn, as usual. My heart breaks for Leah. She keeps it real, is such a professional, does such a good job representing the product and QVC. She deserves better and shawn needs to go. Plain and simple.
  15. I thought the same thing... this top is not her. But it is about as normal as she has looked in a long, long while. I wonder also if she got a talking to. It's about time. It's about freaking time.
  16. I turned her off. I do not want to buy anything she is selling. I cringe that they think she “saves Christmas”. She ruins it. I not watch her. Way to go QVC. That’s the best you can do?
  17. Very good to know. Thank you for sharing this. We all need to contact him!
  18. This is how a professional QVC host looks when doing her job and selling a product vs how a fool sits with her feet on the white couch, unkept, messy look, wrapped in a blanket looking every bit the moron she is. These shots were literally seconds apart. QVC!!! DO BETTER!!! Sooo right vs SOOO WRONG!!
  19. You guys... I can't... omg. I hope corporate sees this. omGAWD!! She is on something.
  20. Try reversing back to the shot you want, then stop/freeze it, and take your picture.
  21. QVC... you are a multi million dollar company. WHY can't someone make her dress like a professional? She is wearing an ill fitting, too small dress with some sort of athletic leggings along with running shoes?? Because WHY??? Not to forget her messy, unkept hairdo. Come on QVC, you can do sooo much better. We, your customers, deserve better. You are insulting us with her.
  22. I just sent my feedback. Let's see what they say...
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