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  1. It was my Xfinity schedule that came up. Looks like they were wrong...
  2. My schedule says NuFACE Anti Aging Innovations is supposed to be on right now and instead, David is presenting wine. I wonder if she is late again.
  3. Good point, why would we want to look like her? WHY would we want to buy what she’s selling? When will QVC get it?? Arg so frustrating. I turn her off.
  4. Apparently our hiatus is over... Jane said she would be back Tuesday night. *ugh!!! QVC was so good without her. Crap.
  5. She honestly thinks these thick, stumpy, UGLY chunks of malformed hooves are attractive? Why else would she advertise them. There is something wrong with her. Those things are disgusting.
  6. Jane was def the lead in the award program. I think that bugged Shawn that she was not the shining star. Shawn screwed up so many times and was not worthy of the level of show Jane was trying to put forth. Jane was in the moment (as usual, thank you for your constant professional effort even tho you drive me nuts talking about your daughters every chance you get). Shawn and Jane are at opposite ends of the spectrum as far as teaming. Jane deserved someone who wanted to be there and was not all about themselves.
  7. Shawn asked Jane to "put a little something extra in her coffee" while Jane is presenting the Keurig TSV. Jane ain't playing. "So Shawn asked for something something and I added this beautiful whipped cream...." Nice shade Janie!! BAMM! No one is saying they are real.
  8. When SK finds out the drink staff is offering both her and Jane is ginger ale and not real alcohol - she rudely scoffs at it and puts it aside. I am sure she meant to say thank you! Jane is enjoying it! How hard is that?
  9. Shawn needs to STOP INTERRUPTING THE GUEST!! Let them talk, she does not know more then the expert. She is compulsive and craves the spotlight. She needs to back the hell off and let them sell their product.
  10. I thought the same thing. That poop plop on top of her head seemed like a scream of defiance. That's what she does, she is a mean girl and has a nasty narcissistic side to her personality. She defies authority. It is so obvious.
  11. omg I can't keep up with her foolishness tonight! So here's a theory of mine. She called Leah out on her nail polish, asked if those were her real nails and brought lots of attention to the color. Asked the camera take a close up shot. Have you noticed how SK is no longer wearing her neon yellow, turquoise, bright green etc nail color? It's almost like she she got called out by the powers that be and just to be itchy bitchy, had to bring attention to Leah's unconventional color. Just a feeling. It did not need to happen, out of all things gorgeous about Leah, why this? Plus when does she ever
  12. What a fool SK is... why do this as Leah is presenting??
  13. oh, it's fashion. I forgot she was the fashion expert *cough Agree!!
  14. There are so many times the host says "if you want (whatever it is), act NOW as it is FLYING our of here. It will be the first to go. No reorder on this. Get it now"... blah blah blah you come back later and it is still there. Whatevs. Sales ploy.
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