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  1. it wasn't a video, it's a boomerang which still shows the birthday girl in the back of the picture.
  2. Yes I love Darian also. Sydney to me, seems to dance heavy or messy. I haven't seen enough but from what I saw on videos from game day and on the show her dancing seems messy but she's beautiful.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKPJiq4g7jy/?igshid=10zl8il6wzptz Claire’s is my favorite. At first she wasn’t my favorite but she really grew on me and her audition video was one that felt natural.
  4. This is frustrating because I went back on all episodes and the only one they show her messing up is that one dance 🤦🏽‍♀️ Like with Meredith they had proof she was late on a number of dances and forgetting the new choreo. Even Brennan the one where they say she looks out of shape, she seems fine to me and I specifically would watch her throughout the whole season to see if they had a legitimate reason and they didn't.
  5. I’m sorry, what do you mean by “mood swings”??? I’ve been rewatching the old seasons since she’s been on and she was hardly an issue. Even on social media.
  6. I love this picture so much 😭 they’re all so close to me. What a great day to get engaged it’s so nice today.
  7. I knew I saw something with wrong with her kicks, glad someone got a pic. Maddie had some bad parts throughout the whole season. Some times she was late on the dances and doing something else (obviously not shown for DCC making the team purposes) that kick is so bad 😩 Maddie better come back next season bringing something better because this seems like complacency to me.
  8. I was looking at the comments from the DCCmakingtheteam’s Instagram the cuts post and noticed this convo that Tess and Gina responded too. Someone did tag them (which I think was weird) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tess respond to anybody until now.
  9. Yeah the photos in general I'm not going to critique too much because Covid kind of messed up everything.
  10. Okay this is the perfect example! Kelli was sitting there saying nothing and I’m like just finish the meeting. She always says “I don’t want to drag this out” but she definitely dragged out Brennan’s and Hannah’s meeting, of course for the drama but either way they said something they would have been screwed in editing the episode. Look how they edited Shannon’s cut when all she said “I believe that is all?” After Kelli said she handled it in a mature way so I think either way Kelli left it so awkward that any way Brennan and Hannah decided to respond it would have never been in their favor. or I can just be completely wrong and both zoom cuts edited some of the conversation out.
  11. I guess it was pretty great to be a rookie this season. No worrying about finding an apartment and moving because their lodging was taken care of and never had to be late or feel stressed to run from job to practice. Not worrying about learning a new routine every day because they got to learn them before they got there and had an early start on the new routines and also they took pictures after the squad reveal so that wasn't a factor into cuts at all.
  12. I screenrecorded the cuts so I need to go back to double check if they edited Hannah's full cut meeting. I need to send Brennan a nice bottle of wine because her speech about her cut was better than this whole season.
  13. Maybe her dancing isn’t too bad for DCC (not show group worthy) but her kicks aren’t good for sure.
  14. I agree especially when DCC's like Brianna and Ashlee (more have probably posted about it but I've just seen theirs) are posting about it because it is personal for them. I'd say it's insensitive.
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