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  1. LMFAO! perfect Burly! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! Im soo jealous that I didnt come up with that one first. LOL
  2. ewwwww! YUK! looks like a really really old and ugly cancer patient
  3. Probably takes at least 2 to 3 hours to get all that drag queen clown face make up off her mug
  4. Is she kidding with that nonsense? NEWSFLASH! Your not all that ... far from it in fact, GIVE IT A BREAK, Mr. perfect is not in your grasp, never will be.
  5. Something for her to put in a picture frame and hang in her PIG PEN
  6. So professional! so classy! so cultured! so put together! .... yes folks here you go, The QVC SHITSHOW and their #1 star attraction at its finest! Unbelievable to say the least!
  7. Ohh and I forgot to mention that she is also FAT! sorry ..my bad
  8. Runyan has always reminded me more of a man than a woman, she is very UN- feminine to me, more like one of the guys then one of the girls.
  9. Exactly! Tick Tock, Tick Tock ........ heart attack is what is looming
  10. She never looks good in anything, mostly because she is a very unattractive person inside as well as outside.
  11. Thats because she is a warm and cozy watermelon, or at least she looks like one!
  12. and that's the QVC shitshow in a nutshell what a disaster!
  13. @CandyApple don't be sorry for her or yourself SHE IS A CREEP! so you are OK
  14. Its all part of this stupid phony dumb bitches delusional Psychosis. She thinks she is hot and sexy - SHE IS NOT (not even close) She thinks she is young and cool and hip - SHE IS NOT She thinks she has some great body that men want to look at - IT IS NOT She thinks she is some kind of religious pious devout - SHE IS NOT She thinks she is some kind of nutritionist adviser - SHE IS NOT She thinks she is the world's great mom and wife - SHE IS NOT So what is she? Absolutely NOTHING!
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