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  1. There is a group on Facebook called “WTF Lularoe Fails” with tons of them!
  2. FYI, the blonde lady talking about a one night stand on Bares All is Amber from Love In Paradise:The Caribbean (Discovery Plus). It closely resembles the early seasons of Before The 90 Days, much less scripted, and I suspect a few of these couples will end up on 90 Day Fiancé. I have really been enjoying it, as well as the recaps on Reality Gays’ podcasts.
  3. Jenny is so dumb and will be vulnerable to the cult brainwashing! I’m really hoping this is a fake plot line…
  4. I really did not like the fact that Tracy had her baby posing for a photo inside the clothes dryer?? So creepy… Shekeb “just washed his hands” then holds, pets and kisses his bird while eating…ugh. Kelly’s poem…about “a flower”…sure.
  5. Somehow I have a hard time picturing Evil-One being married to a pastor, LOL
  6. Have they ever explained why Baby couldn’t get a K1 with his first wife? I think he came over on a tourist visa and overstayed.
  7. Anyone else think the maid mopping the floor on the Care.com commercial looks like Ronald’s mom?
  8. I laughed when they played that “soul” gospel song at the beginning of their segment…Mormons barely even let black people join their church, let alone use their music.
  9. This Mormon guy is kind of Cheese Dick, Jr. I’m thinking he is on the autism spectrum…
  10. Jovi shared a pic on Instagram of him and Yara and baby riding out the storm in Dallas. Yara will like Dallas.
  11. OF COURSE Jenny and Sumit are going to let an ASTROLOGER decide the future of their relationship!
  12. Wait, she just said her nanny is her best friend….I’m confused.
  13. Why are Ariela and the nanny making so many of those crépe things?? I see she does have a freezer now (thanks to her parents) so maybe she can freeze them. her relationship with her ex is quite strange. This will not go well…
  14. I don’t think Victor is trustworthy. This lady seems depressed and damaged…should try some Prozac and therapy in place of moving to that island. Hooking up with a girl in Peru was the smartest thing Corey has ever done…now Evil-One suddenly wants to marry him? LOL
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