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  1. So it’s almost 6 AM here, and I’ve been up since 5. The rerun at this hour is The Match Game. First, I forgot how much I miss Raul, Shep’s firefighter partner. I liked the trio of friendship he, Shep, and Carol had when they were doing the ride along storyline. Second, really Carter? You couldn’t wait until your shift ended to grab a drink and celebrate with Harper? 🙄 Third, was it ever explained why Carol was so adversarial toward Jeannie when Jeannie first started in the ER? Was it just because Carol didn’t think Jeannie took initiative and was always waiting for directives or waiting for approval before she acted? Because in this episode, Carol “accidentally” sprays Jeannie with a shower faucet (and laughs about it) and laughs at her misfortunes when dealing with Hugo. I found that very petty.
  2. Yes 😢 And this just reminded me of how after Frank had his heart attack and was in the Cath Lab, and Kaysen tries to get Pratt to leave. Frank tells Pratt, “Please stay” or “Don’t go”, something like that, and Pratt says something like, “My patient wants me to stay, so I’ll be staying.” Guh. My heart. I think Frank found comfort in both Pratt being a great doctor and simply because he was somebody familiar who Frank knew he could trust. And Pratt putting his foot down in the best interests of HIS patient - not Kaysen’s patient, not anybody else’s. Frank was Pratt’s patient, and Pratt was going to see that the best was done for him.
  3. Gallant is a fave character for me. He (and Lucy...I know I know 😜) reminds me a lot of myself; perfectionist, eager, rule-following people pleasers. That experience with the cops caused so much conflict within him, and my heart felt for him. Coming from a military family through and through, he was raised with people who took their vow to protect and serve seriously. And he took his own vow seriously when he joined the army. When they’re initially pulled over, he tries to comply and explain who they are, where they work, etc. because he believes if he’s respectful and honest and calm, this “misunderstanding” will be resolved. And if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t he try to brush off Pratt’s claim of racism at first? It’s been a minute since I watched this epi. Like he doesn’t want to believe men in uniform who’ve pledged to keep people safe (like he did by joining the military) could act this way and treat other human beings this way. He just looked so torn up throughout the episode.💔
  4. I knew about car phones, but phones carried in briefcases?? Nope. File this under TIL for me 😆. And I remember in an episode where Benton is arguing with Jackie about putting their mother in a nursing home (so season 1? 2?), and he’s paged; he fishes a quarter out of his pocket to make a call from a pay phone. And I remember an episode where Susan has a patient who is perpetually on his cellphone during her first run on the show; the thing reminded me a brick you’d find in our fireplace. Re: Doug and Carol. I’ve never been a huge Clooney fan, so I was never a huge fan of Doug. But I also didn’t like Doug’s character. I was always thinking, “Carol, girl, get yourself together. You can do way better. Stop pining for him.” This may be an unpopular opinion. Also, Clooney’s head waggle habit...ugh 🙄. I enjoyed Tag; he actually was a stand up guy, civil and friendly towards Doug until Doug stormed this party (wedding rehearsal? Engagement party?), and actually grabbed Carol’s wrist saying all macho, “She’s comin’ with me.” Where to, Neanderthal Doug? You going to club her over the head and drag her back to your cave?
  5. I first knew of NW when I watched Falling Skies and The Librarian movies/show in elementary and middle school. i couldn’t believe seeing him when I first started watching ER! 😆 He was only a few years older than I am now in season 1. Carter was so eager (which often got him into trouble), but I was kinda sad to watch him lose that wonder and spark as the years went (but yes I understand growing up and traumas experienced shape how personality and character and beliefs change and evolve). i have a feeling I’m on the younger side here, and seeing those early seasons with beepers everywhere and cellphones not ubiquitous (among a lot of other “signs of the times”) got me thinking, “wow, this is wild!” or “seriously? It was like that??” 🤪
  6. Watching the ep where Jerry was shot and has to have surgery. Estelle Harris as his mom for the win! I know her as Estelle Costanza from another brilliant oldie show I’ve been introduced to courtesy of my mother. 🙂
  7. Lol yes! 🤣 And Susan’s realization: “Oh my God, you ate the bagels??!”
  8. I enjoyed Malucci’s time on the show once they started giving him, at least, flashes of depth and competence. I did NOT like the send off they gave him with the slur. People mention the time he wrote the message from that guy’s wife on the glove box and went back to read it to him after he’d died. That’s a great moment. He also had the episode with the hockey player with cancer around his heart that was inoperable. And I remember an episode where a little girl and her dad are brought in from a car accident, and Malucci discovers she’s being sexually abused by him. He reads to her from a storybook while Cleo (I think) does a rape kit and takes documentation photos to keep the girl’s mind off what’s happening and to keep her calm.
  9. Hey y’all, newbie here; I’ve been lurking but finally got the courage to post. This show is relatively new to me. I turn 19 on June 4. My mom and I started watching this together a few months ago because she was feeling nostalgic and wanted to introduce me to a show she watched in high school, undergrad, and through her time in med school. She’s a gastroenterologist. Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts about this show (I enjoy it most of the time; I enjoy the way earlier seasons the most). But we recently watched the episode the posters above mentioned where Kerry sends Jerry out to pick up a gift for a birthday party she forgot about. This ticked me off because that is not Jerry’s job; he is not a gopher for the docs or nurses. His actual job is integral to the smooth running of the ER. He directs to open/proper rooms according to severity of injury; he mans the phones. He does lab sample runs and pickups; he deals with irate patients/parents of patients. He is not a personal assistant to the docs. But Kerry has always got on my last nerve. She’s def not one of my fave characters.
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