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  1. It makes sense because it is the standard recommendation for pro cheer auditions. That's hilarious if dancers are trying to add even more padding. If that's all she's putting the dancers on blast for, then fair enough, but she's always asking "Are you wearing a push up?" Maybe it's a joke to maintain the illusion. The dancers are good actresses though. I really am convinced they are awkwardly trying to play it off like it's not as embarrassing as it clearly is. Thank you to all who responded. I really appreciate it.
  2. Kelli always puts the dancers on blast for wearing push up bras. What bra do they actually advise? If they don't have a suggestion, do the dancers have a short list of favorites? It has to fit under the triangles of the shirt. The band can't fall beneath the bust at all because of the shirt. It would be best if it came in the same shade of blue. It has to have a tiny center that lets the knot fall in the right place. It needs to be supportive but should still make you feel like you look pretty (I mean, to put it mildly, right!?) So, if we don't know what the preference is, what would you wear?
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