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  1. On 5/15/2019 at 7:08 AM, Friendly kitty said: That's why I am positive it was Allie. Cassandra's face wasn't just one of fear because someone was pointing a gun at her. It was one of confusion, hurt and fear. She knew who killed her very well. I will not be convinced otherwise, lol. Completely agree. Cassandra's look of confusion and the motive for Allie always playing second fiddle seems like enough. Also, when Allie thought she was dying from the poison, she turned to her side and said, "tell my parents that I'm sorry." There are other hints throughout that Allie murdered Cassandra. When she talked about a time when she was younger and her mother told her she would get her turn. Even the description of the Poseidon that she referenced to Elle, where she asked what person she was going to be. Allie sees herself as the one who will rise to the top. I think these are themes Allie lived by throughout her childhood.
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