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  1. Isn't it interesting that these foot selfie people rarely take a photo like the depiction, as I altered it? Not enough toe cleavage? Not enough bare toes to elicit the desired response from either the person taking (or posting) the selfie or the viewer of the foot selfie? Foot fetish is a two way street. You need a foot and you need the person who seeks sexual gratification from fixating on the foot. That isolated image of just the bare foot?…Well, it apparently doesn’t take much for arousal. And how convenient now for both the person and the viewer. So that the ‘oh so innocent’
  2. Only Joan. 😊 this is Gobby now. Picture just for ring size reference
  3. Oh. My. I’m dying! 🤣🤣 Thank you so much, @RubberbandGirl!!!
  4. @RubberbandGirl, this (Shawn on her imaginary prancing pony) happened at the end of the Isaac show last night. If you have any extra time could you animate this moment? Please. Oops. Forgot picture. Sorry.
  5. Amen. She’s a spoiler. and PS, I really hope that their hair salon thing does immensely well. That might mean she could exit. Yes! I think she’s battling some “things” and some of “it” is seeping into her prep and on air abilities. If that salon thing works out, maybe she could say Adios.
  6. Ya know, now that you mention it, Isaac really does babble. Almost without ceasing, he babbles. Even when the delay on Skype is proving to be difficult, he babbles. When the moment calls for only the host to be speaking (even unwashedhosts), Isaac is babbling.
  7. That is a very large lantern. Could have filled it with something and had a sweepstakes for the customer who guesses the right amount…😉
  8. She just started riding an imaginary horse (in her Isaac barn coat).
  9. She is listing again. Someone grab the wheel, please! Just popped back over while she and Isaac were talking with (over) Margie from Massachusetts
  10. Did she just wear that stupid purse for about an hour and a half? 🙃
  11. Shawn now. And Katrina presenting the faux leather Lauri Felt dress 1am this am
  12. gross How the hell many mistakes has she made already
  13. psst, don’t tell Pubic Bone that Shawn is outside, praying Live, by the fire.
  14. Not saying they don’t wash their hair. But it’s that look… Shawn’s depth of thought: If you’re from Michigan, then you love snow. If you’re born in November, then your favorite season is Fall. If you’re selling an item, then go negative before you go positive …
  15. If people like Alina Villasante and Lauri Feltheimer, and many others starting washing and brushing and styling their hair (think smooth, clean and flowing or cut with a style or a sleek pony tail) then she might change her hair.
  16. It gives a glimpse of what she does when she blows into work and grabs for those old, stand by hoof covers and runs to the set.
  17. Oh no! That’s not what I meant. I was just thinking about that glimpse of the messy pile behind her seat in the car. It’s perfect for illustrating the Skunky state of affairs. 😊
  18. I was just going to get that picture too😅. It’s funny to think of the Christmas gift that Leah gave Shawn on their Cheers! show last year. It was one of those caboodle, tackle boxes for her makeup. I think it’s possible that Leah is a sneaky shade thrower. Love it.
  19. Yeah. Haha. She’s a good illustration of the difference between… “Come hither” and “Payment required before service is complete”
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