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  1. Maybe…it’s time for the certain host who thinks she has a special calling ‘to be real’, to act as a sidekick to someone else. (bwaaah) Switch the tables. Vary it up. Reciprocity! Can you picture that older host being positioned far in the background of the set, relegated to perform the social media duties for the newer, upfront, mirror hogging host. !!
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/candace-cameron-bure-apologizes-bible-seductive-weird Never a dull moment…
  3. Who is the product OAP, that Shawn said the comment to? The comment about “where to stand”?
  4. Oh, just shoot me now. It’s time for Counterfeit Kum ba yah!!!
  5. @lovemesomejewelry - YES! To all of what you said. yeah, shoo her out with a broom! Especially when she flashes her under flank upwards. man!!!!
  6. She keeps referencing NPD, NPD, NPD and their metrics… New Product Development? Or Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Hahaha 😊 Just kidding. No, I really mean it. Really.
  7. My shot from last night - ugh and to night ^ - double ugh
  8. I tried the Calista clapping. I had no luck. A woman I know and whose hair I admire, works with the Calista product and her hair looks great.
  9. Amy is presenting Renee G’s TSV maxi dress. When they cut to omnipresent Odell, Jacqui she was giggling. Something tickled her funny bone.As they moved the camera slowly up her body, you could tell because she was wiggling and jiggling. Then they dissolved to another shot before they really got to her head. I loved catching it, cause I always wonder if they ever get a case of the giggles. Yes. I’m glad you said it. I couldn’t, except with pictures. I can’t take that hair.
  10. If my criticism of this look, on this host, is an illustration that I’m out of step with current hair trends, then I’m out of step. And ‘out of step’ I will stay. Amy was styling her hair with Calista’s clapping stuff.
  11. One thought is, it is so difficult to keep a free form, off the shoulder thing, in place, like Kerstin had on here. So as a choice for work, I say, hmmm. To choose to wear that and recline on a bed, I say, hmmm. And I try to picture it with the tables turned. Linda Davies reclining on the mattress and Kerstin standing like that… 😳. . . 😅
  12. For whatever it’s worth, there is that age old propensity for people to mirror behavior. Mirroring can be a good thing and it can be a not so good thing. It is often subconsciously done.
  13. Oh.my.goodness!!! And the award for the most severe nose wipe, ever, goes to…..Skunky! Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is it a product of @RubberbandGirl’s magic, that her nose seems to swoop to the side before she makes contact with it?? Like it (her nose) knows her hand is coming and it (her nose) decided to get a head start on the slide. 🤣🤣🤣 Watch it closely! Please advise.
  14. @BenchWarmer, so true here… “Something seismic must have happened behind the scenes to have left a huge paycheck, ego-expanding self-branded Q products and namesake shows behind in exchange for an uncertain future. Dual residences and college age kids ain’t cheap” How many more Shawn, Carolyn, Jane, and David shows could she stand? Amy moved to the front of the Fashions Night In gang and then there’s Courtney Khondabi racking up the shows. Even Terri Conn got a midday slot that comes with the regularity of a senior position.
  15. I think that’s exactly what she meant. The ‘spill your guts on social media’ and the selling while telling personal stories garbage.
  16. Right! She came back quickly and seems like a fifth wheel. Or someone is. And wasn’t her “goodbye” unique, in that she announced her departure and almost immediately was allowed on air, to hint at her new venture. She eventually promoted her self and her Just Jill site? Then she had a bigger send off party, than some. I’m not certain, but isn’t the tattoo of her dog’s name, Liam? 🙈
  17. Agree 💯!!! Hahaha! It is a sort of mash up, isn’t it? A little bit of Betsey Johnson, mixed with Cyndi Lauder and a dash of early Madonna. Well, in my mind’s eye anyway 😊.
  18. And may I add, that I found that phrase about “having control” and “choosing what I share” to be most intriguing. ”Choosing what I share control”, I wonder what exactly that means. It means something…
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