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  1. Tonight, while wearing the blue hi/low shirt with the giant dots, she referenced wearing a belt. While playing dumb, she asked, “oh could it be worn with...? Would belting this shirt be a fashion do or a fashion don’t?” She successfully fished a compliment out of Lockjaw who joined Shawn in remembering how Shawn had worn the red version of the shirt last time, and Obi belted it. She fished and maneuvered that one into a celebration of herself.
  2. Wow @Miss Priss! I think Lauri Felt has distanced herself from Shawn. well, one example of her wearing these...
  3. Thank you @mpeeps for that recipe. We’re going to try this on the weekend! It’s a fuller version and the ‘make a day ahead’ seems like an important step. Yum!☺️
  4. Pretty sure those are the glasses she was wearing (or rather, the glasses were wearing her) when she did her drunk Skyping in from her basement.
  5. The other night (Friday?) when Shawn presented Doris Dalton, I was fooling around with making Shawn reflect a similar look like Doris. It’s a calmer, more monochromatic, less distracting Shawn. It’s a bit crude, but I wanted to get rid of those matte, charcoal brow.
  6. Oh @booney, you’ve masterfully captured the Mary DeAngelistic mouth position.
  7. There is nothing wrong with Caro’s outfit today, that a little tweaking couldn’t fix. a trim a brush a case for contacts she’s going to try a scissors to cut off the scarf a small make up bag to add some polish a necklace with a little presence a bolt of fabric to help that jacket a scissors to alter the pants slightly a nice espadrille just for the presentation (some have a nice touch of metallic) Some minor changes, and she’d be all set. 😅
  8. You probably knew I’d ❤️ that ^ before I even touched thee button. 😅
  9. There is such a biting undercurrent to everything she says now. Speaking of biting, that overbite...
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