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  1. And I’d like her to prove me wrong on this nail polish thing. Get a lovely manicure from a skilled technician/artist, and use the Essie shade that Leah gave to her. Come on the very next show (if at all possible) proudly wearing the color she so admired. And leave Dad’s law school ring at home - just this once.
  2. Couldn’t the argument be made, that moderate imbibing of potent potables is good for a person? You know, in a preservative way? Keep the decay at bay. Perhaps a Highball at three o’clock in the afternoon and tea at four?
  3. Could she wearing Peace Love World?
  4. Caught a bit of David Venable tonight. I had never noticed the similarities between big Dave and Mr. Potato Head. Searched for a picture. Found one that suited my interest. I also did not know there was a Mr. Potato Head show on tv around 1989-1990. They could be brothers. Apologies in advance if the comparison between the two has already been made. The original picture of TVs, Mr Potato Head, circa 1989. He happens to be standing in a kitchen in a very Diva Dave kind of way.
  5. That was strong, smooth and clean - just like her well manicured nails. Leah! A kind gesture with a solid message. Gotta love it.
  6. Haha, me too. It’s a whole different kitchen category: The battle of the accidental butter batch.
  7. Hey, @Fritopaws…now you have to paint your nails like this (see pic below) if you want stay here. It’s our gang signal. Got it? 😂😂😂
  8. Hi @Fritopaws and welcome. That’s pretty much how I found my way here. 😅
  9. Let’s all hear it for the true art of food photography!!!
  10. Up and coming, nouveau homesteaders?
  11. Not to go off topic, but Courtney Khondabian probably says, “that’s so fun!” all the time because a) someone else says it all the time b) she’s practiced it in the mirror, ad nauseam, and likes the way it looks on her c) it feels good on her lips when she rides the “f” in “fun” for a beat longer d) she uses the phrase because she’s checking for feeling in her lips and mouth
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