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  1. Oooooo. A couple more inches on the right and her hair would be as wide as her shoulders. Keep at it. You’re almost there.
  2. She’s such a bluffer and she’s so wrapped up in herself she can’t see straight.
  3. Is she inserting that bottle tip? She ought not to do that.
  4. She is all over the place tonight. Someone here thought that last night too. It’s almost like she’s a little tipsy or maybe even a little drunky-poo! Ahhh! @Coffeecup, that’s scary how simultaneously we did that! Synchronized Snark!
  5. Re: the hat. She likes the certain look it gives. She thinks she looks sooo great. or her producer told her to cover up that mop. 😆
  6. Are we certain that Jilly Martin is 45? the start the first item
  7. And if I can add, give someone else a try who is not so polarizing. For the good of the company, and broader appeal, find a person who doesn’t isn’t loaded down with her abrasive traits and someone who doesn’t play all her games and who isn’t so high maintenance. (I’d miss the snark value though.)
  8. Maybe, after the other night, he hightailed it already.
  9. That’s a laughable bunch of bathrobe pics of her. It proves several points, one of which is Skunky can’t be trusted with longer hair. She is not up to the task of washing, brushing an styling it in a professional manner that is appropriate for work. 😆 So there’s that. As seen in the picture with her back to the camera, she Skunk-mangled that sash into a bow?! Much too amateurish for a host of such self-promoted and bluffed fashion prowess. It’s kind of funny to witness just how convinced she is, that claiming to be quirky will attain for her a special status, a sort of stardom. 🤩 So the
  10. I think she should try to get to the root of her problem.
  11. Last week she got the date mixed up. I think it was May 3rd in the real world. But she stated it was March 4th. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now she just went hopping, in an oddly staccato fashion through the Q gift card pitch. And as she rolled to a stop, she said, and Mother’s Day [singing now] is. tomorrow. “Earth to Shawn!”
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