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  1. I put my hair up when it is long - which it is not since I just chopped off about 3 inches - yes, i did it myself (I can hear my hairdresser screaming and in tears but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). I have had my own hair in my food - directly to the garbage barrel. yuk.
  2. Alberti has been ok to me.. I just realized his "snobiness" comes thru as the days go on. Especially noticed it on Temp-tations.
  3. and.. God forgive me.. his wife is an ugly horrible mess.. heading to hell.
  4. Oh NOOOOO.. I think Kenny is fleeing. Have a great week people.. I tried my best; i need to take a sleep aid..lol
  5. Did Jenny dump a bowl of olive oil on Summeats head? Maybe to empty the disgusting pantry before Mama Sumit arrived.
  6. ahemm.. on the other side of Jenny's Bilboard? ALINA, STOP BEING AN IDIOT, YOU ARE EDUCATED AND STEPHAN IS AN ASSHOLE. (might need a bigger billboard)
  7. Getting Corey's HAMMER out for Armando. YOU KNEW YOU WERE INVOLVED WITH A SENIOR CITIZEN! (i can say that, as I am that age)
  8. Ellie: I am going to do you a favor and post this on a Billboard: YOU'RE A F...ING MORON. You're welcome
  9. Looking for my hammer to bang it HARD on Corey's head
  10. Still trying to stay relevant.. keeping up? not so much. But I did see Kenny and Armando at the orphanage (sp?). Made me cry. Those children are so hungry for love - why they ran to K&A. Kenny was so right (again his tears, but now I can get it). I know PERSONALLY how horrible it was 30 yrs. ago for someone with HIV. Hardly any medication.. death. i will not get on a soapbox, but today? kids need to think it is nothing. IT'S A BIG THING. Wear condoms. Again, i have first hand knowledge. Meds work. I would adopt a child (not at my age - 60).. but Kenny is right.
  11. mini-bini is very cute.. Not so much Ari's mother
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