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  1. I agree with all you said.. Geoffery is a big middle-aged LOSER
  2. Hope I win.. what do I get for the prize?? I would like a new car, since I got into a car accident yesterday.. no dents (well for me) just paint
  3. I know this is for snarkiness.. I can bring it anyday.. but what i'm reading is that a lot of people are dissing the restaurant.. I left my house and went to stay with my cousin in NH.. not because of the virus.. just something else that I will not gross you out with. I came home and things are good.. NOW the restaurant: Here, in NorthEastern Mass. there are NO restaurants open.. only delivery or take-out. My Aunt has been sick since MARCH 6th.. she can hardly breathe.. and that's not like her.. finally, the drs. office called her and she was SWABBED for Coronavirus.. thank god.. I was so worried.. but.. it takes 2-9 days for results
  4. Honey.. she IS a troll (hope you don't take offence to Honey).. so funny
  5. You're fine.. no mental problem that I can tell.. very nice drapes and the window looks great
  6. I always take bottled wat to the movies because the POPCORN is what I want! water
  7. Sorry i gave TMI.. i was so freaked out about mice in here (l ive alone now.. and to see mice run from you tv to under you feet.. just OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGG.. AND SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL.. I left monday and went to say with my cousin Suzanne.. i finally came home today.. My Aunt .. Suzannes mother - has been sick with shortness of breat.. a high fever on day and she soukds Terrible ) since March 6.. Her dr. finally said she needs to be tested for the cORNA vIRUS.. SHE DID yesterday.. 2to 9 days for results.. she is very sick.. no pneumonia.. no regular virus.. gut she just isn't doing good.. Hence, I raced out of Cousin Suaznne's house (she has been going over to her mothers every day - with a mask.. i hope she is ok.. VC
  8. I thought nobody could get any funnier.. When I eat crap I think the same thing.. makes you feel better about yourself.. It is snowing and cold here.. So much for the NO-CARB, NO RED MEAT THING.. I just took steak out of the freezer.. and DON'T JUDGE ME, but I like a little ketchup on the plate with it.. I KNOW,my family used to be horrified.
  9. I am a woman and sorry if it was "fuzzy".. just got my computer stuff back today.. and OMG.. TMI.. I would block you from a dating website.. and TMI.. but hey, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.. I would still be your friend.. so I guess that says something wrong about me.. (I have all brothers so I've seen and heard it all)
  10. You forgot... Bradley Cooper -those blue eyes.. KMN.. and I LOVE YOUR NAME.. I want chips now.. i'm trying to stay off carbs and junk food.. however, I don't have a problem eating the dark chocolate DOVE candies..
  11. I am screaming again, laughing! and every time I hear the name ROSEMARIE I think of PICKLES (Dick Van Dykes friend's wife BUDDY.. lol it just came to me) on the Dick Van Dyke show.. I know, I'm old.. but omg they were funny and just the name made me laugh so hard.
  12. Too Much Time On My Hands.. STYX.. great song.. still have albums from them.. KMN More red flags than North Korean army.. I heard that on tv last night and i was laughing so hard.. and the first person that came to mind? wait for it.... BIG/LITLLE ED..
  13. Welcome to the new world I have been wondering.. and missing (Mrs Hanson) the same thing.
  14. I put on new clothes EVERY Sunday..lol.. all my friends know NOT to call me during 90 Day.. they think I should be institutionalized.. but hell, it's my guilty pleasure.. with a drink and some cheese and crackers.. (you can tell I am not married now and have been single for 5 years and ENJOYING IT).. sad, really. but I can still laugh.
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