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  1. GREAT for Jill! The Bobbsey Twins books were my favorite when i was young (my mother was a big proponet of all us kids reading and we are all voracious readers to this day!
  2. PEOPLE: Repeat after me: RONALD IS A LOW-LIFE THIEF-GAMBLER. Shoot this up to your mom when you're gonna marry this jackass
  3. Here we go.. Throw back Wednesday (screw Thursday). Diva, 1993
  4. Early throwback Wednesday.. Diva in 1993..NM.. i'll be back
  5. Hey Jinger, if i were you, i'd get those sweet babies down for a nap and drink WINE (not latte) waiting for RFP to come home. Don't know how you do it
  6. background music: BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY (LADY GAGA).. CHEER FOR REAL PEOPLE Jackasses
  7. Carol Burnett did it SO much better. Shawn is a buffoon
  8. Not a good look Leah seems SO happy this morning. Good for her.
  9. #hardworkpaysoffs RIGHT.. not on the Q (Einstein)
  10. She's trying to channel Sharon Osbourne (Osbourne pulls it off .. JANE.. not so much)
  11. For some (weird) reason i always see MBR married to Steve Doocey on Fox.. 😍 Not a big fan of the SUZY Graver.. but i have to say her DOG makes me laugh so hard 😅
  12. I will admit I use the SuperSmile teeth whitening.. and it works (only so much, I never had chicklet teeth - and meds have darkened mine.. but i love this (I used to work for a teeth whitening product - this is better) For some (weird) reason i always see MBR married to Steve Doocey on Fox.. 😍
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