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  1. I agree. Those rolls looked amazing! And I love marzipan, so her marzipan honey frosting looked so delicious. I was tempted to make the frosting and use it for other desserts. It looks so versatile. Me too. She is such a warm personality and I enjoy watching her cook. She has made quite a few things that I would like to try. Plus, she's originally from the Chicago area so I feel drawn to liking her. 🙂
  2. I really like Patricia Heaton (as an actress) and was looking forward to watching this premiere. I was also excited to see Kyle MacLachlan and Cedric Yarbrough again. As a former Medicine resident and now an Infectious Disease attending for several years, I was curious to see a comedic take on residency rather than all of the current medical dramas that are on the air. There were some funny moments but a lot of inaccuracies. I have never understood why these types of shows never consult an actual physician who has experienced residency to make it as realistic as possible. There is no way the chief resident would be singlehandedly managing rounds without an attending. Ultimately, the final medical decisions are made by the attending. Speaking of which, their “Senior Attending” was conveniently absent during rounds and the way he interacted with the group was very disjointed. It also didn’t make sense that they kept referring to each other as “doctor” during casual conversations, rather than by their first names. The short coat vs long coat thing at the beginning was weird as residents and interns wear the same length of coat as opposed to med students who wear short coats. I thought the references to her age were unnecessary and irrelevant. Many doctors enter the profession from a second career so it’s not uncommon. I’ve supervised many residents and med students who are older than I am and it never came up, nor should it. Some good things: I did have to laugh at the interns freaking out over the unexpected beeping, as it is something that most of us have experienced at one time or another. Also, Patricia Heaton did really well in the scene where she broke the bad news of the cancer diagnosis. She was very believable and compassionate. Overall, despite the inaccuracies, I’m willing to give it a second chance. PH’s character has a strangely frenetic energy but definitely has potential if toned down a bit.
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