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  1. Good evening all, I just saw SK’s latest IG post, where she “admits” to using Botox, this is not news nor the first time she’s mentioned it, however in her hashtag intros she does admit to LYING about it to her producer, which is new.....the posts I read from the worshippers/minions were odd, they mostly high fived her for being real & honest (as per usual), but, wait..... & some of them admitted to using Botox also......but not a one of them called her out for LYING about it in the first place. 🤔 So, if you’re using SK logic (sorry, an oxymoron, I know) it’s perfectly OK to LIE as long as you tell people you lied and then everything’s just ducky and we all go on our way, la-la-la. 🙄 SK and the other sales clerks, and some of the OAP’s I’ve seen when I used to watch also lie like rugs.....anything to sell the bloody junk and reel in the public - no truth happening anywhere on QVC, so is it any wonder that they let her get away with blatantly lying? They allow her to make up her own show - ex. “Dare to Share Beauty” according to SK herself, but then again, maybe that’s also a lie?? 🤨 I agree with all of you, she is a spoiled adult brat - her parents and husband must be very proud.....not. Have a restful evening and thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  2. You’re welcome Taffy Apple - 😊 I don’t watch her, so all of you fill me in on that front, and I occasionally check her FB & IG - I also noticed the “blaming mom” thing - but I doubt her hair was 1” long like she showed with her fingers, she has posted toooo many pics of herself with her mom (see Mother’s Day posts) and her hair is not embarrassingly short - I doubt the “teasing” at school also.....more attempts to get attention......I’m glad I could provide some insight! ❤️
  3. Thank you Coffeecup! 👍 ❤️
  4. Hi all, Go to SK’s FB and watch yet another 5:34 second video - “Bath Cam” and tell me what you think.....it was, like, watching, like a tweener/valley girl (remember those!) ya know, like who has, um, self-esteem, um, issues, and can’t speak, like in complete, um, sentences and has to um, constantly, like put her hands in or near her mouth, and like, all over her face, which by the way, she, um, admits that she hasn’t, like showered, or washed her, um, hair, in like, 2 days, and like, she’s OK with that, and what’s with her front teeth, like, OMG! 😮 Seriously, her top teeth don’t look right, and be sure to watch the ENTIRE “Bath Cam” or you’ll miss out on the totally cool “hack” she uses on the back of her bathroom door, because they, like, don’t have enough, like, storage, but, they really do, so, um.....and then there’s the tease about a product and then there’s a reveal of a really cool product from her dirty make-up drawer - ick - 😝. And the story about her hair as a kid - 🙄, and all of the effusive thank you’s to the minions/worshippers and parents with kids who have epilepsy, and doctors, and, and, and.......and don’t forget to lie about where you went to college!!!! 😉🎓 Have a wonderful evening everyone, and thank you for the ❤️ & the laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  5. Good Friday all, WOW! Sounds like a whole lot of STOOPID last night! 😉 Thanks for the awesome updates....& who exactly is this Katy Perry? Actress, singer, talk show host, Real Housewife from somewhere????? Is she an adult, as in over 21.....Forgive my ignorance, not much into the cool, hip & trendy scene these days. 🙄 Oh, and I agree re: Lisa Rinna.......😝 Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! Have a great day! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  6. Hi all, I just watched the FB video - wow.... 6 1/2 minutes.....I’m sad for the fact that the ch___ was sick and happy that it’s not serious......but I just don’t see why SK felt the need to post this, and the way she posted it.....I agree, Taffy Apple - very revealing, but then again, another plea for attention, an excuse to gain sympathy b/c maybe something went down at the Q, perhaps another reprimand - from what I’ve read from others who watch, she seems to be reverting back to her old, crude self after a few weeks of trying to toe the line - makes you wonder, what else is behind this, & now that her “go to guy” at QVC has retired - she may not have anywhere to go except out the door. I don’t know many people who would make an experience like this sooooooo public; go to close friends, family, of course, but FB, and under the guise of the ridiculous “Dare to Share Beauty” show????? Yikes - she is one heck ova mess. Thanks everyone fo the ❤️! Have a peaceful evening! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  7. Good morning! The wigs got a lot of comments on SK’s IG post - many unfavorable, one was kind of a scold about her/JT’s silliness & flip attitude re: wigs from someone who has a medical issue...it seems that the worshippers/minions are getting braver and more candid with their posts - luv that! Apologies if I offended those of you who are fans of JT - I just found her “bounciness” insincere, her talking over hosts to inject her own life stories, and her pixiness seizure inducing when I used to watch - the over zealousness just doesn’t ring true for me.....😕 Have a great day all! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  8. Thing 1 & Thing 2 - no disrespect to Dr. Seuss......these 2 idiots deserve each other: 2 phonies, 2 narcissists, 2 stoopid, 2 liars, 2 🤡, 2 MUCH.......ick.😝 I see SK is hawking summer home decor now with bedding.....would we be correct In expecting to see her lie down for most of this 2 hour show??!! Yikes. I’m going back to ⚾, thank you very much! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs everyone! Have a great evening! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  9. Totally! This photo is even worse than the one she posted at the time on her IG....like I said, the weekly special at “Sluts R Us”.....Yikes!
  10. Hi all, I remember the “graduation dress” -😝 that was a few years ago, I believe.....the graduation dress was from “Sluts are Us” and it was worn specifically with the ex-wife in mind - IMO. 😏 Another one of SK’s stoopid, immature stunts to feed her weak, tweener ego. Perhaps I’m being snarky, perhaps I’m being cynical, but perhaps I’m right! Just sayin’..... Have a beautiful Saturday everyone, and thanks for the ❤️ & the laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  11. Hi all, I didn’t see the show, but....... Yikes! The make-up 🤡 - The price tag on the shoe - The “come hither” reclining pose (what else, if there’s a sofa, recliner or bed, SK is down), and the “look at me I’m sexy” look on her face - Jiggly Jill is dressed for a BBQ at her Hampton’s House (Poor thing) and SK looks like a wanna be model sacked from “Project Runway”. OM Goodness, are these two really adults? 🙄 I’m guessing that SK is really cozying up to Jiggly because she’s the first one SK will go to for a job when QVC sacks her..... Have a great day & thanks for the❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  12. Hi again, Be sure to check out SK’s FB & IG - she’s pushing these “GILI HOME” atrocities 😝 that I guess will be airing in the next few days. SK also includes a “heart warming story” of how the “poor single gal” (Jiggly Jill), has struggled to make it........the posts on the IG are hilarious - read them before they get deleted!!!!! 😆👍 Also caught a glimpse of “Blabby” JT on “The Deuce” between innings with that PLW woman selling a very unattractive shirt - JT was allllllll over the woman - creepy.........yikes. I’m going back to ⚾, thank you very much. Have a restful night all! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  13. Hi all, I just took a look at SK’s IG - photo of her and the PLW woman hugging - anyway, SK is lamenting how this is the only woman in the world who celebrates her quirkiness and really understands because she’s a crazy Latina who colors outside the lines - words to that effect, I read it quickly because it was just another whiny diatribe from the whiny, insecure tweener that is SK....😝 oh, and what the h-ll kind of pants is she wearing????? Very unflattering..... Thanks, Bronx Babe for the quotes from SK’s presentation of the bug-catcher!!!😆 There’s that “word acrobat” (her description of herself) in action......yikes! Have a Wonderful Wednesday! Thanks for the ❤️ & the laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  14. So very, very sad isn’t it? Having to lie to garner attention.....like a 6 year old who feels left out.....yikes. Again, QVC not selling products, but selling the low level sales clerks on the low level variety show they have become - hence they all have shows featuring their names.....& these “shows” don’t seem to last more than a few weeks before they are re-named according to what I’ve read.....pathetic. Have a good day all. Thanks for the ❤️ & the laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  15. Hi, SK was married on 4/13/13 - I only know this b/c it was my Gram’s b.day and SK’s B.day is 11/2, & I only know this b/c it’s my mum’s b.day. Forgive me! 😝
  16. Hi Lisanna Thank you, I would, and perhaps some others, might like to hear more about this incident - sounds just like SK - perfectly disgusting, gross & unnecessary! 😝 That poor closet rep. - I hope she/he got a bonus for dealing with her from the company, and maybe some therapy to try and erase the experience from their memory.......I can just imagine the rep at happy hour perhaps, talking with colleagues after that appointment. 🙄......Yikes. Can’t wait to hear about this evening’s disaster shows from everyone! I’m watching ⚾, thank you very much! Thanks also for the laughs & ❤️! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  17. Hi Lisanna, Is that right???!!! 😲 I have no knowledge of that, could you please review and/or elaborate? Thanks! Have a peaceful evening! 👋
  18. So funny! I ❤️ this! 😂 Thank you RubberbandGirl!!!! 👍👏
  19. Hi, Does anyone know how long this “Dare to Share Beauty” schtick is going to go on? This is week 3 and so far, nothing of real value, interest or truth has been said or shown.....just your basic whiny, narcissistic, blather that SK is known for..... I thought SK would/could use these videos at the very least, to hawk the products that were coming up and perhaps present a tutorial on them??? Maybe a survey from her worshippers/minions on what they would like to see and how the products are used, etc., because heaven knows they don’t provide that information on the actual shows, because....... these low level sales clerks are just doing their low level QVC variety show....🙄. Yikes....... Thanks again! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  20. Hi all, Honestly.....what’s next? A play by play of her 🚽 habits????? 💩 (please forgive me for that!) 😉 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has rated this “Dare to Share ‘BEAUTY’ WEEK 3” film by SK as DGU - Disgusting, Gross & Unnecessary.....WARNING - view this film your own risk - individuals who possess intellect, grace & dignity will be offended by it’s content - NOT recommended viewing for anyone under the age of 21 - parental guidance is required. Have a great day everyone, and thanks for the laughs & ❤️! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  21. Not to mention TMI !!! (Tooooo Much Information!). Ewwwwwwww...😖
  22. Hi all, Be sure to check out SK’s latest IG post - it’s a seizure inducing montage 🤪 of something I. Mizrahi has as the Big Deal on “The Deuce” with her this evening - several asked what she was hawking, the jacket, jeans, blouse.....no response from her as of this moment - what else is new!!!???? I’ll be watching ⚾, thank you very much! 😉 Love everyone’s insights! Thanks for the laughs & ❤️! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  23. The I-Man nailed her on that point! Saying you are “something” is a sure bet you’re not! 🤣
  24. Good Morning all, As I said, I was just checking out the top of the hour yesterday between innings, and there was MB Roe crying, handing Jill tissues and telling her how much she will be missed and that if you’re with a company for 25 years, you must’ve done something right! Jill just smiled and said that yes, she was leaving but her last day was June 12, no mention why, that’s why I asked everyone.....I looked at JB FB & IG and there was no mention.....I don’t know any of the new hosts because I don’t watch anymore....so, any guesses as to who’s next? MB Roe has been there over 30 years as has Dan Hughes, Dopemier has at least 20-25, PJD is an original, JRT (Blabby) can’t go fast enough for me, (totally obnoxious IMO) and then there’s SK..... 🤔. Although I admit, that if Leah is on, I’ll watch for a few minutes, she seems to have maintained her dignity & quieter sense of self than most of the others.....QVC seems to be doing a lot of re-arranging & re-naming of the same shows with the same tired sales clerks hawking the same tired and/or over-priced stuff..... Have a Sunny Sunday! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga